Study: Synthetic Cannabinoid Users Experience ‘More Severe’ Withdrawal Symptoms

A recent study published in the journal Psychopharmacology suggests that users of synthetic cannabinoid products—such as Spice or K2 —experience more severe withdrawal symptoms than cannabis users, according to an International Business Times outline of the research. It is the first study focused on the long-term and withdrawal effects of using synthetic cannabinoids.

South Dakota Approves New Medical Cannabis Rules

South Dakota lawmakers on Monday approved most of the state Department of Health rules for the state’s voter-approved medical cannabis program but rejected some proposals including limiting the amount of high-potency cannabis patients can possess, requirements that medical practitioners could write recommendations for patients that want to grow more than the three plants allowed under the law, and a defined list of qualifying conditions, the Associated Press reports.

South Dakota Takes Step Toward Approving Medical Marijuana Rules

The legislative panel responsible for approving the rules that will govern South Dakota’s new medical marijuana law has approved a number of proposed regulations and sent other proposals back for review, in what was a crucial administrative step toward implementing the new statewide program.

Massachusetts Adult-Use Cannabis Sales Eclipse $2 Billion

Less than three years after the first licensed recreational marijuana retailers began doing business in Massachusetts, regulated cannabis dispensaries have rung up more than $2 billion in adult-use cannabis sales, state officials announced on Wednesday.