Former NFL Player: ‘Cannabis Saved My Life’

Cannabis use is no longer viewed as "a substance abuse problem" in professional sports. More and more, professional athletes see cannabis as a (safe and) necessary medicinal therapy.

Trump Might Push Cannabis Legalization In 2020

Cannabis could be one of the top five issues in the 2020 presidential election, Piper Jaffray. President Donald Trump may champion legalization as a way of gaining favor with younger voters, the sell-side firm said in a Sunday note.

New York's Marijuana Decriminalization Law Is Now In Effect

The law went into action on Wednesday, meaning that all criminal penalties will be eliminated for the use of marijuana and pubic procession. Furthermore, it will help carve a path for some individuals with prior convictions to be expunged.

Marijuana: Why Is Washington State Is Changing Its Laws?

SEATTLE (AP) — Five years after Washington launched its pioneering legal marijuana market, officials are proposing an overhaul of the state’s industry rules, with plans for boosting minority ownership of pot businesses, paving the way for home deliveries of medical cannabis and letting the smallest growers increase the size of their operations to become more competitive.