The Seed Investor was created to provide a central location for serious investors to find proprietary research, thorough analysis, and timely information on the investment opportunities in marijuana and medicinal cannabis markets.

The entire industry is poised for phenomenal growth in the years ahead and provide early investors for exponential investment gains.

The combination of unwinding an 80-year prohibition on marijuana production and use and the race to research the medicinal properties of cannabis are set to propel a once tiny industry into the mainstream.

The U.S. cannabis industry generated $1.3 billion in 2013. The process of legalization and pharmaceutical development could send it to as much as $100 billion or more in the years ahead.

Growth like that is going to make a lot of money for early investors - Seed Investors.

The Seed Investor was founded to provide individual investors access to the top research on the sector, access to the innovators and entrepreneurs leading the charge, identify the fastest growing companies, and focus on the opportunities most likely to outperform in the sector.

Investors rarely get the chance to invest in the ground floor of a company and reap the tremendous rewards which follow.

The marijuana market presents an entire ground floor industry to investors.

ZERO To $100 Billion

How much money can investors make from marijuana and cannabis stocks in the years ahead?

The answer is billions. Tens of billions.

An industry the size of $100 billion will be worth many times over when it full matures.

Consider this.

A $100 billion industry is 2 times the annual revenue of Nike.

It’s 9 times more than the annual sales of Netflix.

It’s 10 times bigger than all the revenue NFL generated from hot dogs to tickets to TV rights.

Since the late 1900s, it says, between two-thirds and three-quarters of the VC industry’s returns have been generated by early-stage investments, the seed rounds.

Needless to say we're not talking about just start-up company's here at the Seed Investor, we're talking about an entire Start-up Industry -  Marijuana.

It’s absolutely staggering growth and it’s going to fuel one of the greatest investment megatrends investors could ever hope to jump on this early.

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