Cannabis Vaping Technology: Legal = Safe

Cannabis Vaping Technology: Legal = Safe
Cannabis Vaping Technology: Legal = Safe
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A recent article from The Wall Street Journal further crystallizes the picture concerning tainted black market cannabis products in the U.S. – and the “vaping crisis” that arose from it.
That’s pretty simple. According to California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control, not a single case of vaping-related lung disease has been traced to a legal cannabis product. Legal = safe.

There is great irony here. A previous Leafly article noted that California is the nexus for black market cannabis products in the U.S. – and the principal source of tainted (black market) vaping products.

Why is the United States flooded with these tainted black market cannabis products? That is entirely the fault of the U.S. federal government.

As Americans die, Congress continues to dither. Cannabis legalization isn’t even on the radar of the Trump Administration.

As long as Big Pharma continues stuffing “campaign contributions” into the pockets of members of Congress, Washington prefers cannabis to remain illegal. And that applies to not only Republican Obstructionists but also the Democrats.

Democrats in Congress talk a good game when it comes to cannabis legalization. But since gaining control of the House in 2018, all they have tabled for a vote is MORE. This is a watered-down bill to merely decriminalize cannabis. It actually promotes the cannabis black market more than the legal industry.

If MORE passes, more Americans – not less – will die from tainted black market cannabis vaping products.

Apologists argue that this is “a step in the right direction” toward cannabis legalization.

Too little. Too late.

Congress needs to open its eyes. Over 90% of Americans want (at least) medicinal cannabis legalized nationally – today. Mere decriminalization is a totally inadequate baby step.

The Cannabis Revolution in the United States is leaving the U.S. federal government far behind in its wake. Members of Congress beware!

The 90+% of Americans wanting some form of cannabis legalization today will not continue to tolerate the corrupt stalling in Washington forever.
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