TSI Investor Profile: Choom™

Company: Choom™


Country: Canada
Sector: Legal Recreational Marijuana
Industry: Growing/Production and Retail
Established: 2017

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Company Brief

CHOOM™ (CSE: CHOO | OTC: CHOOF) is a vertically integrated Canadian Marijuana brand focused solely on the production and retail distribution of marijuana products for the legal Canadian recreational market.

Choom currently holds 4 Late Stage ACMPR Applications in Late Stage Review, (2 acquired, 2 under offer), aiming for approval prior to the upcoming summer 2018 legalization date. 

Choom developed their branding and messaging with the recreational market in mind, and recently rolled out a retail strategy to vertically integrate their business to take advantage of this burgeoning and potentially lucrative market. 

Fully Integrated Operations; seed to sale for the recreational market offers an opportunity to build a high margin, premium recreational cannabis company.

Develop & acquire licensed ACMPR production assets positions them to scale-up rapidly to meet the anticipated demand in the Canadian recreation market.

Develop & acquire retail opportunities to help expand rapidly to meet the anticipated demands of the retail market.

Develop & acquire products and brands designed and created for the Canadian recreation consumer.

CHOOM™ (CSE: CHOO | OTC: CHOOF) currently holds 4 Late Stage ACMPR Applications in Late Stage Review, (2 acquired, 2 under offer), aiming for approval prior to the upcoming summer 2018 legalization date. 

The Numbers: 

WARRANTS: 6,981,150
OPTIONS: 6,310,000
FULLY DILUTED: 192,038,438


Choom™ ACMPR Applicants

Choom has acquired three ACMPR applicants and has agreements in place to acquire one additional ACMPR applicants. The organization is focused on achieving licenses to produce and sell high-grade handcrafted cannabis in Canada in each location. Three of our applicants are located in British Columbia and one in Saskatchewan. Our 5,000 sq.ft. Sooke, BC location is expected to receive its cultivation license from Health Canada within the next several weeks.

Facility and Capacity

Choom has an estimated Phase 1 cannabis production of 37,300 sq.ft that will be capable of producing approximately 3,700 kgs of dried cannabis per annum. Phase 2 cannabis production with all four ACMPR licenses has an estimated 68,200 sq.ft. of cultivation that will be capable of producing an estimated ~7,000 kgs of dried cannabis per annum.

ACMPR Growth

Choom has expansion potential in Sooke, BC to add a up to ~700,000 sq.ft., in a three story indoor and greenhouse production facility, located beside our other facilities in Sooke. Our latest ACMPR under LOI, High Way 10 is in Saskatchewan on a 120-acre parcel of land providing ample room for future expansion.

Cultivating Experience

Founded on the Choom principle of good times and good friends, the plan is to curate the right products and experiences for the cannabis consumer.

Documented Brand History

The Choom brand is inspired by Hawaii’s “Choom Gang” a group of buddies in Honolulu during the 1970’s who loved to smoke weed—or as the locals called it, choom.

Recreational Market Potential

Choom was created to cultivate naturally grown cannabis for the Canadian adult market. Canada’s scheduled legalization of recreational cannabis use in July, 2018 and the market is estimated to be $4.9B to $8.7B, and up to 8x medical consumption.

Choom Retail Program

Choom is going to develop a chain of branded cannabis stores in Canadian Provinces where recreational cannabis is legalized for retail. To help curate the Choom experience, we hired the design team responsible for some of the most recognized retail environments in Canada. Say hello to good vibes in our Choom Retail Stores.

CHOOM™ (CSE: CHOO | OTC: CHOOF) is a Canadian Recreational Marijuana brand perfectly positioned for the impending recreational market. Choom was purposely built for the rec market. What sets them apart is strong branding and execution, the ability to produce and expand production, and a vertically integrated retail strategy.