Update: IGC Drops Out Of Marijuana And CBD Infused Beverage Race

Update: IGC Drops Out Of Marijuana And CBD Infused Beverage Race
Update: IGC Drops Out Of Marijuana And CBD Infused Beverage Race

The biggest winners in the marijuana boom will be the companies which are able to successfully bring legal marijuana to the mass market.
Pothead hippies toking up a joint is not the future of legal marijuana.
The big money is in the mass market of vaping, edibles, and beverages infused with legal marijuana and CBD.
The last one on that list – infused beverages – is one of the biggest prizes of all.
The healthy beverage industry is massive and growing and the margins can be staggering.
Naturally, there are a few companies chasing after it.
But not all (or even most) of them have a real shot at ever developing an infused beverage and bringing it to market.
That’s why the Seed Investor published a breakdown of the contenders and the pretenders in the infused beverage race so our readers cans tick to the companies with a real shot at making this breakthrough.
It’s also why we’re glad to see one of the most obvious pretenders India Globalization Corp (IGC) drop out of the race.
This little company has no revenue, products, or much of a staff.
However, when it announced it was developing an infused beverage, its shares exploded.
IGC’s shares shot up from about $1.00 to $13.00 in the span of two weeks in September when we warning about the number of pretenders out there.
Since then, IGC’s shares have nosedived to $2.49 – down more than 80% from their peak.
And now IGC’s shares were suspended from trading at and the NYSE announced they were going to be delisted.
The outcome was as painful as it was predictable for IGC as it will be for the other pretenders.
There’s a massive fortune to be had in the infused beverage business. You just have to stick to the contenders if you want to really go along for the ride.

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