Canadian Entrepreneurs Cash In On Hawaii's Natural Resources Because Hawaiians Can't

A small group of Canadian entrepreneurs is set to turn Hawaii’s unique history and culture into a small fortune.

And Hawaiian’s can’t get in on it all. 

Hawaii is known for a lot of things.

It’s beaches, surfing, rainforests, volcanoes, and endless sun attract 42,000 every day to the islands.

However, it’s Hawaii’s long association with marijuana which these Canadians have been eyeing.

The locals call it “Pakalolo” which is Hawaiian for cannabis or marijuana.

It’s renowned for its quality, smoothness, and potency.

It’s also the foundation for Hawaii’s historic “Choom” culture. Choom is Hawaiian slang for smoking marijuana, has been part of the state’s culture for decades.

Even President Barack Obama, who was born in Hawaii (yes he was!), was famously part of the “Choom Gang” when he lived here.

Right now marijuana should be a booming industry for Hawaii. States like Nevada, California, Washington, and Colorado have seen billion-dollar marijuana industries sprout up within a matter of months after they fully legalized recreational use marijuana. Like Washington State, Washington who alone saw $784 Million in retail sales in 2017.1

Hawaiians, despite their deep ties to marijuana, aren’t cashing in the same way residents of other states have after they legalized recreational use marijuana.
The reason? Medical marijuana use is legal in Hawaii, but recreational marijuana use is not and recreational marijuana is where the big money is being made.
As a result, Hawaii is cut out of one of the greatest growth industries in North America.

That’s not stopping the Canadian entrepreneurs behind Choom™ Holdings (OTC: CHOOF | CSE: CHOO) though.


Choom™ Holdings (OTC: CHOOF | CSE: CHOO) is a Hawaiian-branded marijuana lifestyle company based in Canada.

Canada is set to fully legalize marijuana in 2018 and Choom™ Holdings (OTC: CHOOF | CSE: CHOO) has laid out extensive plans to bring Hawaii’s choom culture to the first major economy to fully legalize marijuana. In fact the Canadian Market is estimated at between $4.9 - $8.7 Billion.2 In 2015, it was estimated that Canadians already spent $6.2 Billion on cannabis, almost on par with the Wine Market. 3

Choom™ Holdings (OTC: CHOOF | CSE: CHOO) will have stores, licensed growth facilities, and a complete and legal distribution network.

Too bad for Hawaiians though. Choom™ Holdings (OTC: CHOOF | CSE: CHOO) business may all based on Hawaii’s choom culture, but there won’t be any “Marijuana Millionaires” there.

They’ll all be in Canada.

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