California To Launch Two ‘Cannabis Hotels’

California To Launch Two ‘Cannabis Hotels’
California To Launch Two ‘Cannabis Hotels’
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California’s legal cannabis industry has a number of problems, regulatory in nature, and all spelled g-o-v-e-r-n-m-e-n-t. But entrepreneurial spirit and innovation certainly aren’t in short supply when it comes to the legal cannabis industry in the Golden State.

The Seed Investor has been covering some of these innovations. We took a look at California’s first “cannabis open house”, using cannabis treats as a social lubricant instead of alcohol in marketing luxury real estate.

Then we reported on California’s first “cannabis café”. A new restaurant is offering infused cannabis treats along side its menu cuisine (it’s not legal, yet, to infuse cannabis into restaurant dishes).

Given these previous undertakings, it will come as little surprise to cannabis investors and residents of California that two new “cannabis hotels” are to be located in California’s Coachella Valley.

This is a district in the state that has a particularly long, rich cannabis tradition. Originally a black market nexus, it is now a thriving region for the legal cannabis industry. Capitalizing on this, the Coachill Inn Resort and the Grape House are now under construction.

The Coachill Inn Resort is scheduled to open at the end of 2020. It will feature a spa, restaurant, fitness centre, a 2,000-seat amphitheatre, and (of course) an assortment of cannabis CBD products. The cannabis theme will be worked into architectural design. It is planning an alcohol-free lounge, with “mocktails infused with plants that are unique and healthy”.

The Grape House is not due for opening until early 2021. The development will begin with a restaurant, dispensary and smoking lounge. Coming in the second phase of development will be an adjoining hotel. Again, the cannabis theme will be highly visible in the design of the complex.

Colorado has already established the economic value of “cannabis tourism”. From 2014 through 2018, 25% of visitors to the state explicitly identified legal cannabis as a “reason for visiting”. With its famous West-Coast Lifestyle, California is a natural jurisdiction to embrace this trend.

Traditionally, alcohol has been the recreational drug-of-choice when it comes to both tourism and event-driven marketing. In the 21st century, legal cannabis can insert itself into these contexts – as a much safer consumer alternative.
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