California Cannabis Cafe: Cuisine + Cannabis Infused Products

California Cannabis Cafe: Cuisine + Cannabis Infused Products
California Cannabis Cafe: Cuisine + Cannabis Infused Products
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As cannabis goes mainstream in the United States, it was only a matter of time until cannabis-infused products began appearing on restaurant menus. A California company is claiming to be the first to capitalize on this concept.

Lowell Farms, a California grower of premium organic cannabis has announced the opening of “Lowell Cafe”. The restaurant advertises “farm fresh food”, with a selection of cannabis-infused products available on the menu to enhance the dining experience. It officially opens its doors in September.

Cannabis + food. A natural combination.

Cannabis is a known appetite stimulant. This was described in the Prohibition era simply as “the munchies”. It’s more than urban legend.

Cannabinoids (the active ingredients in the cannabis plant) are produced naturally within the human body. Mother’s breast milk contains cannabinoids.  They are passed to infants during breast feeding to stimulate their appetite.

What restaurant would not want to offer its patrons a selection of safe, natural appetite stimulants to compliment their menu?

From the other side of the fence, people pay a premium price to go out to dine at a nice restaurant. Why not spend a few more dollars on some cannabis treats that will likely make you savor the experience even more?

Lowell Cafe is very explicit that it doesn’t infuse its own dishes with cannabis. That is not (yet) legal under current cannabis regulations in California – or elsewhere. But it may very well appear soon on the horizon.

Cannabis is completely safe. It provides numerous health-promoting properties in addition to appetite stimulation. If it’s suitable (and safe) to “infuse” into mother’s breast milk, it’s clearly safe enough to add (responsibly) to restaurant dishes.

We currently season dishes with spices to enhance their flavor. It’s a natural extension of this to “season” dishes with cannabis – to enhance our enjoyment of those flavors. Alternately, instead of drinking wine with a meal, restaurant patrons may decide to start adding a cannabis-infused beverage.

Eat, drink, and be merry.

Adding a little cannabis can go a long way in enhancing the dining experience.
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