Prominent Bitcoin Investor’s Next Monster Bet

Prominent Bitcoin Investor’s Next Monster Bet
Prominent Bitcoin Investor’s Next Monster Bet
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One of Bitcoin’s most prominent investors is making a new monster bet. 

Peter Thiel is quickly becoming one of the world’s most successful investors.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Thiel’s fund invested between $15 and $20 million in Bitcoin that grew to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. 

His latest investments, however, are an idea as radical as Bitcoin once was and is so early stage they may be even more lucrative. 

And that’s saying something given Thiel’s track record in addition to Bitcoin.

Thiel is most well known for being the first investor in Facebook (buying a 10% stake in the $650 billion social media giant for just $500,000).

But he has many many more. 

Thiel and his fund have been early investors in AirBnB, LinkedIn, Spotify, Yelp, Stripe, and dozens of other multibillion dollar tech giants.

He was also an early investor in Tilray, a fast-growing cannabis company, that soared more than  1000% after it went public in 2018.

Thiel has a long record of moving in big and early. 

That’s why his most recent investments should raise interest for any investor looking for the wealth-multiplying gains only true early stage investments can earn. 

Thiel has started investing heavily in medicinal psychedelics. 

The idea may sound a bit crazy at first.

But so did poking your friends, posting on your wall, and the entire concept of social networking (Facebook) sound a bit crazy.

And renting out your house to strangers (AirBnB).

And electronic money and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin).  

They were all huge windfalls for Thiel then and medicinal psychedelics, just like those “crazy” ideas, are a lot more realistic when you start really looking at it. 

In fact, Fortune magazine says "medicinal psychedelics have the potential to disrupt the entire mental health care industry."

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Fortune magazine says this has the potential to “revolutionize” care for many mental health problems currently costing the U.S. healthcare system $300 billion each and every year.

The last time this happened we saw gains of over 2000% in less than two months.

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The gains have already started rolling in too. 

For example, one of Thiel’s first major psychedelic investments was into Compass Pathways (NASDAQ:CMPS).

Thiel other top medical and tech venture capitalists have invested more than $200 million into Compass over the past year. 

The funding has propelled Compass into the world’s largest medicinal psychedelics research and development company in the world. 

Compass has already earned official Breakthrough Therapy designation from the FDA for its programme of using doses of psilocybin (the active psychedelic in “magic mushrooms”) for Treatment Resistant Depression.

After a successful Initial Public Offering, Compass (NASDAQ: CMPS) recently hit a total market value of more than $1.7 BILLION.

Compass became the first “Unicorn” (a start-up valued for at least $1 billion) in the sector. 

But judging by Thiel and other top investors' moves, Compass won’t be the last unicorn either. 

That’s because in November 2020 it was revealed Thiel made another major investment in medicinal psychedelics. 

This company is ATAI Life Sciences.

CNBC reported in Peter Thiel backs Berlin start-up making psychedelics that, “Peter Thiel has led a $125 million funding round into a start-up aiming to make psychedelic drugs to treat mental health disorders.”

That is a major bet on a company developing a full suite of high-potential mental health treatments. 

Again, this all may seem a bit crazy now. 

It is early stage. But that’s the key. 

It is only when diseases are in truly early stages and seem a bit crazy that you can risk a little to make a true wealth-altering gain. 

The world’s top investors like Thiel who did just that in Bitcoin are doing it now in psychedelics. 

If these investors who have become literal billionaires many times over are betting on psychedelics, all investors should, at least, be looking into medicinal psychedelics now. 

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