Capitalizing With Cannabis

Capitalizing With Cannabis
Capitalizing With Cannabis

Despite favorable state-wide election results, concerns among cannabis investors have increased and cannabis stocks continue to move lower following an overextended industry wide rally as well as highly questionable cabinet nominations by president elect Donald Trump.

Although the recent downward trend is concerning, this weakness has created an opportunity for investors to purchase high quality cannabis investments at a considerable discount.

Today, we want to take the time to highlight three recent trends and price movements that investors should be aware of.

Kush Bottles Falls Almost 20% from Last Week’s High

Kush Bottles (KSHB) has fallen more than 18% from its highs on Tuesday and the shares are now trading below the $3 price target issued by Cowen and Company in mid-September. The analyst assigned the shares a Buy rating and a $3 price target because of its unique exposure to the high growth, emerging cannabis industry.

This correction has created a great opportunity for investors as consider Kush Bottles to be one of the best cannabis investment opportunities. We are favorable on Kush Bottles due to the product it provides, its geographic diversity, its growth potential following positive state-wide election results and its continued execution.

The company offers several child resistant and non-child resistant exit bag solutions, all of which are fully customizable, allowing Kush Bottles’ customers the opportunity to creatively market and brand themselves. We find this aspect of its offering to be extremely important as companies compete to become a recognized brand amongst consumers.

Zynerba Fall More than 12% from Friday’s Highs

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals (ZYNE) fell approximately 3% yesterday and we are monitoring ZYNE closely as the shares are down almost 12% from its highs on Friday. This move lower has caused momentum to plunge and we remain favorable on ZYNE at current levels.

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