5 Takeaways From John Boehner’s American Cannabis Summit

5 Takeaways From John Boehner’s American Cannabis Summit
5 Takeaways From John Boehner’s American Cannabis Summit
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The American Cannabis Summit featuring John Boehner was released today.
The heavily promoted video event was provided by the National Institute of Cannabis Investors.
It featured an hour-long conversation between Mike Ward of financial publisher Money Map Press, Speaker John Boehner of US marijuana company Acreage Holdings, and Danny Brody of publicly-traded Canadian marijuana company The Green Organic Dutchman.
A video of the event which you can jump ahead and play at an increased rate of is available here on YouTube.
But if you want to save some time and avoid the sales pitch, here’s the Seed Investor’s Top 5 Takeaways from the event.
If you’re a Seed Investor reader, nothing here will surprise you.
Cannabis Investor Summit Takeaway #1:
“I have a strong suspicion we won’t be waiting five years to see the federal government legalize cannabis.” - John Boehner
Boehner cited the “mounting pressure” on lawmakers from constituents and the increasingly wealthy and serious cannabis investors.  
Cannabis Summit Takeaway #2:
“Since 2014, [Colorado has] collected in the neighborhood of $815 million in tax revenue from cannabis.” – John Boehner
The benefit to the government is an obvious and natural argument.
We’ve seen it in other industries.
Every wonder why oil isn’t going to get intentionally regulated away anytime soon?
Governments around the world collect $680 billion a year in gasoline taxes, according to Goldman Sachs.
Investors may get a pot of gold if they buy the right marijuana stocks and the industry keeps expanding. Governments will get a pot of gold as the industry expands.
Cannabis Summit Takeaway #3:
“The U.S. is where all of the action is going to be for a while.” – Danny Brody
They cited the key difference between Canada and the United States market potential.
Canada is a fraction of the size of the United States and, as a result, the market is a fraction of the potential.
Now that marijuana has been fully legalized in Canada, the big growth to keep pushing marijuana bull market forward will be in the United States.
Cannabis Summit Takeaway #4:
“Then there’s CBD. That’s the part showing the most medical promise right now.” – John Boehner
CBD will emerge as a major natural treatment used by millions of consumers in the years ahead.
It’s as close to a “wonder drug” as you can find anywhere in the natural world.
Best of all, CBD is already legal in 46 states as long as it’s produced from hemp instead of marijuana, both of which contain CBD.
Cannabis Summit Takeaway #5:
“At Acreage [Holdings], we’re betting brands are the future of cannabis.” – John Boehner
He’s exactly right too.
As the legal marijuana industry matures, brands will be where the big money is made.
Just look at the beer industry for a simple comparison.
Barley farmers might do well in the right market conditions, but AB-InBev (BUD), Constellation Brands (STZ), and Heineken (HEINY) make money year in and year out.
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