Trump’s Anti-Cannabis Delusions

Trump’s Anti-Cannabis Delusions
Trump’s Anti-Cannabis Delusions
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Over 90% of Americans want cannabis legalized (at least) for medicinal purposes today. But cannabis remains illegal federally in the United States.

Why? Because members of Congress (and the current administration) continue to dwell in an anti-cannabis fantasy world – where facts and truth simply don’t matter.

President Donald Trump epitomizes these anti-cannabis delusions.
Cannabis-hating politicians (like Trump) shun the truth. Instead they cite bogus anti-cannabis propaganda.

Cannabis use does not “lower IQs”. That anti-cannabis myth was debunked as soon as it was scrutinized by real science.

But anti-cannabis dinosaurs (like Trump) aren’t content to merely regurgitate bogus anti-cannabis propaganda. They also fabricate their own myths.
“In Colorado they have more accidents,” the president said of the first state to legalize cannabis for adult use.

No. False. Wrong.

Study after study after study has shown that legalizing cannabis has had no long-term effect on traffic accidents or fatalities.

Like the pseudo-science that cannabis (supposedly) lowers IQs, anti-cannabis zealots have also tried to fabricate “statistics” showing that cannabis use leads to more car accidents.

The best they could do is point out that in cannabis-legal states, more drivers who have accidents have cannabis in their system.


More people having accidents have cannabis in their system because more people consume cannabis. And cannabinoids (the active ingredients) are fat soluble molecules that are stored in the human body for roughly a month.

If lots of blond-haired people suddenly moved to California, more blond-haired people would be “involved” in traffic accidents simply because there were more blonds on the road.

Cannabis is not an intoxicant like alcohol. Almost all cannabis “impaired driving” laws have no basis in science. Politicians are passing new anti-cannabis laws based entirely upon their own anti-cannabis delusions.

What is not a delusion is that tainted black market cannabis vaping products are killing (and sickening) Americans. Opioids are killing over 40,000 Americans per year and cannabis is the best alternative to opioid use.

Legalizing cannabis will save American lives. It’s keeping cannabis illegal that is killing Americans.

Like most U.S. politicians, President Donald Trump is part of the problem, not part of the solution.
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