Hemp Continues To Amaze With New Applications

Hemp Continues To Amaze With New Applications
Hemp Continues To Amaze With New Applications
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Referring to the cannabis species as “a miracle plant” is increasingly seeming like an understatement.

This quickly becomes apparent as soon as we look at the incredible versatility of the hemp sub-species of cannabis.

Industrial hemp already had thousands of known uses. But most of these commercial contexts predate cannabis Prohibition. Thus these were only the low-tech applications for hemp.

Today, as the Prohibition choke-chain is gradually removed from hemp, we see that hemp has equal or even greater potential in hi-tech applications.

For many cannabis investors, the first wake-up call here was news of “the world’s first all-hemp aircraft”. The fuselage is constructed from a hemp composite building material that is both 10 times stronger than steel and lighter than conventional aerospace materials. The interior is fabricated from all-hemp fiber. And the aircraft is powered by a hemp biofuel.

Putting aside the relatively low-tech hemp used for the aircraft’s interior, this is pure high technology. A potent biofuel. An advanced composite construction fiber.

Another hi-tech application for hemp has (so far) gone unnoticed: hemp batteries. Good batteries. An article from License to Grow gets right to the point.
Lithium-ion batteries currently represent state-of-the-art commercial batteries. Graphene has already been labeled a “miracle material” of the future. But hemp-based batteries outperform both.
Hemp can provide food, shelter, clothing, food and medicine. It’s truly a miracle, and one that threatens a number of industries, not to mention the pharmaceutical industry. That being said, it’s making tremendous leaps, and the movement cannot really be stopped in all areas that this plant can provide solutions.

One of the latest examples comes from research showing that hemp batteries are even more powerful than lithium and graphene. Robert Murray Smith, on his popular YouTube channel, discusses  the experiment.

Industrial hemp is a prolific and hardy crop. Now imagine the hybrid car of the future.

The chassis is constructed from a hemp composite. The car is completely powered by hemp: a hemp biofuel and a hemp-based battery. Are you listening Elon Musk?

What can hemp be used for? It would take all day to construct such a list.

What can’t hemp be used for? There’s nothing on this list today.

Humanity could literally live off of hemp. The hemp seed kernel has more protein than red meat, lots of fiber, the full spectrum of Omega fatty acids, and a long list of vitamins and minerals. CBD-rich hemp can be the foundation for numerous medicines and health supplements.

We can make our clothing from hemp. We can use hemp in place of all paper-related products. We now know we could even construct our homes from hemp.

Extracting all of these applications from one plant is at least “miraculous”. And (thanks to Prohibition) we have only begun to scratch the surface of the role of hemp in high technology.
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