Study: Michigan's recreational marijuana market may outpace Colorado's

Michigan’s legal marijuana market is poised to become one of the strongest the country and could outpace Colorado in sales, according to a new study. By early next year, the state’s first recreational marijuana dispensaries are expected to open. With strong sales in the medical cannabis market, Michigan’s recreational market is expected to grow three-fold between 2020 and 2023, with annual sales reaching $650 million, according to “Crossing the Mississippi: U.S. Cannabis Market Report 2019” by Brightfield Group, which examines the budding marijuana industry.

Marijuana banking bill has a chance in the Senate, Republican lawmakers say

Some Republican senators say there is a chance that Senator Mike Crapo, who chairs the Senate Banking Committee, will schedule legislation aimed at increasing marijuana businesses’ access to financial services for a hearing in his panel if it passes the House of Representatives.

Medical marijuana now allowed on planes by TSA

​Medical marijuana can officially be carried during air travel. The TSA now specifically permits "products/medications that contain hemp-derived CBD or are approved by the FDA."

What's the Real Link Between Pot Dispensaries and Crime Rates?

For years, opponents of marijuana legalization have voiced the same arguments whenever the subject of dispensaries comes up: having legal cannabis vendors, they say, promotes the spread of crime, brings property values down in the neighborhood and encourages teenage marijuana use.