Why Mood-Based Cannabis Products Are About to Blowup

Why Mood-Based Cannabis Products Are About to Blowup
Why Mood-Based Cannabis Products Are About to Blowup
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If we take a brief look back at history it’s clear that cannabis has survived several societal reputations. What was once known as “Devil’s Lettuce,” went on to be a pop culture symbol of Bob Marley. Today, the shift of the plant’s perception is a direct correlation to recent mass legalization of the substance across the United States. Data shows that consumption is skyrocketing in states like California - but this should come as no surprise. West Coast moms, dads, students, you name it, can all take a walk down the block to pick up milk, eggs and flower.  

While it’s nearly impossible to determine the quality or specifications of a federally unregulated substance, any consumer who’s purchased cannabis at a dispensary will attest to a completely different buying experience. Along with legalization came strict policies and regulations that ensure shoppers are aware of what they are buying, what’s inside of it and exactly how it will make them feel. For the first time ever, shopping for cannabis is comparable to shopping for vitamins. Name your problem, find your solution. Long gone are the days of the “stoner” who smokes a joint to simply get high. Cannabis is now for everyone, can be consumed in any form, and businesses are taking notice.

As consumption becomes more normalized, the average consumer skews farther and farther away from preconceived stereotypes. Studies are revealing that today’s consumers have very high household incomes and are more likely to have master’s degrees. This means that some of the most successful professionals around us are a part of a “shadow market” of cannabis consumers. But why are America’s executives switching over to the plant?
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