Watch: Can You Spot a Stoner? On CollegeHumor's 'Paranoia,' You Can Try.

“Are you good at weed?” 

It might not make perfect grammatical sense, but it's a fun and interesting question raised by the creators of CollegeHumor's upcoming reality game show “Paranoia.” The online show pits two incredibly high contestants against a larger group of sober citizens, who are then tasked to find out which two of the bunch are, in fact, very stoned.

The show, which is set to launch fully on CollegeHumor's new streaming channel, Dropout, in May 2019, offered viewers a surprise sneak-peek with a 4/20 release of the first episode on its YouTube channel. 

And so far, so good. 

Like other reality game shows, “Paranoia” is a survival-based game that features eight contestants that are tasked with the dutiful task of deciphering which two participants are stoners. 

While the survival aspect might be reminiscent of reality game shows like “Survivor,” “Big Brother,” or even, to a slightly grosser extent, “Fear Factor,” the idea most closely mirrors the popular party game “Mafia,” or “Werewolf.” If you're not familiar with “Mafia,” it's a contest that is intended to model a conflict between two groups: an informed minority, otherwise known as “the mafia,” and an unsuspecting, uninformed majority known as the innocents.
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