incredibles, Colorado's Top-Selling Cannabis Edibles Brand, Expands Into 6 States and Puerto Rico

incredibles, Colorado's Top-Selling Cannabis Edibles Brand, Expands Into 6 States and Puerto Rico
incredibles, Colorado's Top-Selling Cannabis Edibles Brand, Expands Into 6 States and Puerto Rico

 incredibles - The same cannabis-infused edibles team that has created and propelled the incredibles cannabis brands (manufactured by Medically Correct, LLC. in Colorado) to the top-selling position in Colorado's recreational marijuana market, will soon be available in multiple markets throughout the United States via strategic licensing deals via IP holding company, MC Brands, LLC.

incredibles' innovative products became Colorado's No. 1 edibles brand on the strength of the incredibles brands' handcrafted chocolates, gummies and extracts. Now, through strategic partnerships and licensing agreements, the incredibles product lines are already being enjoyed across California and Nevada with plans for continued National and International expansion throughout 2018.

incredibles' cannabis-infused edibles will be on sale in Oregon and Puerto Rico by the end of 2017 - and in Illinois, Arizona, Michigan and more in 2018. Unique facilities in each market will manufacture the incredibles products in accordance with local laws and market demands.

"We can't wait to deliver our incredibles quality to patients across the country," said Bob Eschino, Founder and President of incredibles and MC Brands. "We've devoted nearly seven years to investing in our proprietary extraction methods, products, production software and genetics. The incredibles brand is finally ready to be introduced to the national stage."

Founded in 2010, incredibles products quickly became a favorite among Colorado budtenders, patients and consumers. All these years later the incredibles brand is respected for its 360-degree approach, from growing its own cannabis and extracting its own marijuana concentrates – via sister company MC Machinery's proprietary incredible Extractor - to developing and manufacturing a full line of products that include edibles, extracts, vape pens and more.

Today incredibles is among the most trusted brands in American cannabis - a popularity that will only continue to grow with its forthcoming national expansion, a packaging update that is as flashy as it is compliant and an ongoing dedication to quality ingredients.

"After spending decades in the food-manufacturing business, culminating with my co-founding of  Udi's Gluten Free [a popular health food brand], I've applied the same principles of food safety and quality control to incredibles since the beginning," said Founder and CEO Rick Scarpello. "Our commitment to quality cannabis, organic food ingredients and product consistency is why we've been able to continue to grow our volumes year after year." 

"Over time, our grow and extraction processes have consistently improved resulting in the most sought-after cannabis oils on the market. We've developed proprietary extraction methods able to purify compounds to <99% as well as capture and preserve terpene profiles for our products that perfectly replicate our rare library of cannabis genetics,"  concluded Derek Cumings, Founder and Director of Research & Development.

In addition to selling incredibles products to Colorado customers and licensing the incredibles recipes and brand to partners in other states, MC Machinery also sells the incredible Extractor- a widely used, patent-pending closed-loop hydrocarbon extraction system that maintains strain-specific terpene profiles - to competitors and other businesses in the cannabis industry.

"We've partnered with other industry leaders from around the country," said Joshua Fink, Founder and Executive Chef, referencing the partners who will manufacture and sell incredibles products in other states. "I truly can't wait for the rest of the country to learn what Coloradans already know: That incredibles represents consistency and the highest, safest quality products for patients and consumers."

incredibles is that rare heritage brand in the nascent legal cannabis space - trusted since 2010 but still relevant in 2017, as the updated branding and refreshed packaging will prove when it rolls out in Colorado this fall.

Founded with a conscience and still managed by the founding team, incredibles has not sacrificed its promise to provide high-quality infused products that taste fantastic. incredibles also continues to advocate for medical research advancements and patient access by lobbying government regulators, educating the public and harnessing the power of business for good.


Originally founded by Bob Eschino, Rick Scarpello, Derek Cumings and Joshua Fink in 2010, Medically Correct (who's IP is licensed by MC Brands) has grown into Colorado's highest-volume and most nationally awarded cannabis-infused product manufacturing company. The business' reputation for high-quality extracts and product innovation, and its investment in long-term growth, has solidified MC Brand's' position as an industry leader in American cannabis.

With a combined 30 years in business development and food production expertise, Eschino and Scarpello shared a fundamental goal of bringing professional and consistent edibles to the cannabis marketplace. They're still equally passionate about delivering reliable products focused on product safety, extraction purity, ingredient quality, consistent dosing and compliant packaging.

incredibles' mission is to advocate on behalf of the cannabis industry and help propel it forward. Featuring a full line of THC-infused terpene-rich edibles, incredibles continues to lead the industry in innovative chocolates, vape pens, extracts and confections with more product lines in development.

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