Cannabis 2.0 Edibles – Just In Time For Christmas

Cannabis 2.0 Edibles – Just In Time For Christmas
Cannabis 2.0 Edibles – Just In Time For Christmas
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The Christmas holiday season is a time of year notorious for (among other things) indulging in sweet treats. For the 2019 holiday season, (adult) Canadian consumers have a new option: cannabis edibles, via Phase 2 of cannabis legalization in Canada.

These new products were authorized by law on October 17, 2019. Now, with Health Canada’s review period nearly finished for initial product offerings, these Cannabis 2.0 products are due to start appearing on retail shelves by the middle of the month.

Cannabis chocolates, gummies, mints, cannabis-infused beverages and infused-beverage “mixers”. A cornucopia of cannabis goodies.

An article from Vice adds further details for consumers from two of Canada’s largest LP’s Canopy Growth (US:CGC / CAN:WEED) and Aurora Cannabis (US:ACB / CAN:ACB).

Not surprisingly, Canopy Growth has made a strong push in marketing its cannabis-infused beverages. Constellation Brands (US:STZ), maker of Corona Beer, didn’t invest over CAD$4 billion in Canopy Growth in order to watch it merely market truckloads of cannabis chocolates and gummies.

WEED will be offering its own Tweed line of cannabis-infused beverages, available in several flavors and containing 2 mg THC (355-millilitre can). Some flavors will also include 1.5 mg of CBD. It will also be selling its “Houseplant Grapefruit and Lemon” drinks (from the Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg brand line), containing 2.5 mg THC and sold in 355-millilitre cans.

In addition, Canopy Growth is selling cannabis-infused sparkling waters, in several flavors, and with and without CBD. Its “Quatreau” sparkling waters will contain 2 mg THC. Rounding out Canopy’s current beverage line is its “Deep Space” beverage, that contains 10 mgs THC (the most allowed by Health Canada), in a 222-millilitre can.

Canopy does also plan on offering other edible products. Its “Bean & Bud” dark chocolate product will contain 10 mg THC in two 5-mg pieces. Tweed will offer a milk chocolate product, while Tokyo Smoke is putting out its own cannabis-infused dark chocolate bar.

Aurora Cannabis is beginning with solid edibles only. As with infused beverages, these edibles also have a 10-mg THC limit per package.

Aurora is coming out with three varieties of cannabis-infused chocolate: sea salt and caramel milk chocolate, a 64 percent dark chocolate infused product, and its “half spheres” cannabis chocolates. Each chocolate piece will contain 2 mg THC.

It is releasing five flavors of cannabis gummies, also with 2 mg THC per gummy. Aurora’s gummies will be sold in packages of five.
Lastly, Aurora is rolling out its own cannabis mints. Available in either spearmint or peppermint, as with Aurora’s other edibles they will be sold in 5-packs, containing 2mg THC per mint.

Many other Canadian cannabis companies (large and small) will be rolling out their own Cannabis 2.0 derivative products. With well over 700 cannabis retail stores now open across Canada, the 3 million new consumers expected to come online with Cannabis 2.0 will be a welcome boost for the legal cannabis industry.

It may not be a “Merry Christmas” in 2019 for cannabis investors. However, Phase 2 of cannabis legalization means that Canadian cannabis consumers can add cannabis treats to this year’s holiday celebrations. For investors, this holds out real hope for a much happier New Year.
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