U.S. Government Continues to Grow HEMP In Order To ‘Study’ CANNABIS

U.S. Government Continues to Grow HEMP In Order To ‘Study’ CANNABIS
U.S. Government Continues to Grow HEMP In Order To ‘Study’ CANNABIS
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Medical science has now proven that cannabis use does not make people stupid. However, empirical evidence has now shown that hating cannabis turns people into mindless idiots.

The latest example? Once again, it’s the U.S. government.

No one hates cannabis more than the Drug Enforcement Agency. The DEA is the architect of the War on Drugs, the most corrupt and catastrophic law enforcement failure in the history of humanity.

The DEA “studies” cannabis through the pseudo-scientists in its propaganda arm: the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Ever wonder where all of the laughable anti-cannabis propaganda came from, that bombarded us for 40 years? Most of it came from NIDA. None of it ever had any medical/scientific validity.

Now cannabis is gradually being legalized across the United States, despite the best efforts of U.S. politicians and their ‘sponsor’ (Big Pharma) to prevent this.

The cannabis that is being safely legalized today is literally 10 times as potent as the cannabis that was criminalized by our corrupt governments.

When cannabis Prohibition compelled North Americans to grow their own cannabis, cannabis cultivation was forced indoors – to hide from the government’s law enforcement stooges. With space at a premium, cultivators had a large economic incentive to increase cannabis potency: more “drug” in less space.

Thus, it was our governments that (indirectly) created this high potency cannabis. But the DEA and its minions don’t “study” the cannabis that is actually being grown and sold to consumers today.

They “study” the low-potency strains of cannabis that they criminalized 40 years ago. Seriously. Talk about "living in the past"!
The DEA hates cannabis so much that it won’t even study it.

The DEA studies hemp. It pretends this hemp is cannabis, then (via the NIDA) it claims to be “educating” the United States government and its assorted agencies that regulate cannabis products – like the FDA.

The blind leading the blind.

Now the DEA plans on growing much more hemp in order to “study cannabis”.

The bureaucrat in charge of the DEA’s only “marijuana farm” (hemp farm), Mahmoud ElSohly, explains what passes for “thinking” among these mental midgets.
The point is, eight percent THC in a plant material is extremely high potency for somebody to actually finish a cigarette,” he said, adding that in order for marijuana material to be used in double-blind clinical trials, “every cigarette has to be exactly the same” in terms of volume and shape, with the only difference being potency. [emphasis mine]


In fact, regular cannabis users often consume no more than one or two puffs (of high-potency cannabis) at a time.

A cannabis “cigarette” (sic) is nothing at all like a tobacco cigarette. Real cigarettes are saturated with (extremely toxic) chemicals that cause cigarettes to burn all the way to the end.

Cannabis has none of these toxic chemicals added to it. You stop smoking cannabis and it goes out.

The active ingredients in cannabis (cannabinoids) are completely safe. No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose – not even from the high-potency cannabis grown today.

The only unhealthy thing about cannabis use is smoking cannabis. Yet because of the gross prejudice of these U.S. bureaucrats toward cannabis, they think that forcing people to smoke more cannabis (in order to get the same medicinal or recreational effect) is a good idea.

Consider how mentally stunted a human mind has to be in order to warp logic to this degree.

Using cannabis may actually improve peoples’ cognitive processes. Hating cannabis turns people into utter morons.
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