Public Support For Legal Weed Continues To Soar

Public Support For Legal Weed Continues To Soar
Public Support For Legal Weed Continues To Soar
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  • Support for fully legalized cannabis at an all-time high among Americans
  • Public support is soaring the fastest among senior citizens and Independent voters
  • Opposition to legalization is falling the fastest among Republican voters
  • Cannabis support is rapidly becoming homogenous between different age groups and genders

Americans want fully legalized cannabis.

That’s not news. An October 2018 Gallup poll showed a full two-thirds of the U.S. population supports the legalization of cannabis – for medicinal and recreational use – including majorities from all political demographics.

However, new numbers released by Civic Science show how rapidly this support is growing in the U.S. This applies to not only Americans of all political stripes, but also all age groups, and both genders.

  • Support among independent voters has soared by 16% in just one year
  • Opposition among Republicans has plummeted by 11% in just one year
  • 4 out of 5 Democrats now support fully legal cannabis
These are numbers that U.S. politicians cannot afford to ignore. If you’re a Democrat, you must support legalized cannabis, or kiss goodbye getting elected. If you’re a Republican, except in the most conservative corners of the country, opposing legalized cannabis is now a guaranteed vote-loser. And for Independents, if you oppose legalized cannabis, good luck trying to win a seat.

The numbers are equally stunning when we look at age demographics.

Obviously, what is striking here is the jump in support for legalized cannabis among older Americans. Ironically, the past two years has done little in terms of increasing support among the younger half of the population – those most supportive of cannabis legalization.

However, among older Americans:
  • Support has jumped by 8% among the 45 – 64 grouping
  • Support has jumped by 11% among America’s seniors
This last number is especially significant. Elderly Americans are typically much more conservative in their views. Equally, these are the Americans who have spent the most years being subjected to anti-cannabis propaganda from government and media.

These older Americans are now being exposed to cannabis, very possibly for the first time in their lives. This could mean either by usage among younger friends/relatives, or very possibly medicinal use of cannabis for themselves. As cannabis reality replaces cannabis mythology for these Americans, their fear of “the Demon Weed” is rapidly evaporating.

Here, the message is for the cannabis industry.

Many cannabis companies targeting cannabis retail may have thought they needed to convey a ‘hip’ image with their packaging and marketing to appeal to the younger demographic that they thought was their primary market.

Now cannabis companies (at least those based in the U.S.) will be re-thinking this assumption. The Civic Science numbers indicate that support for fully legalized cannabis among Americans aged 45-64 (65%) now slightly exceeds support by Americans under age 25 (64%).

This connects directly with a June 14, 2019 article on Green Entrepreneur, submitted by guest writer John Gorst. As the CEO of IONIC Brands Corp (CAN: IONC /US: IONKF) and active in the cannabis space for 7 years, Gorst has learned a thing or two about cannabis.

He wrote:
As consumption becomes more normalized, the average consumer skews farther and farther away from preconceived stereotypes. Studies are revealing that today’s consumers have very high household incomes and are more likely to have master’s degrees. This means that some of the most successful professionals around us are a part of a “shadow market” of cannabis consumers. But why are America’s executives switching over to the plant?

That’s precisely what the numbers from Civic Science seem to be suggesting. The Seed Investor covered this article in much greater depth in a recent TSI Exclusive, In The Mood for Cannabis? You Will Be – Soon.

Cannabis is becoming “normalized”. The better that people get to know cannabis, the more that they like it. Stereotypes are evaporating – as cannabis fact replaces cannabis fiction.

Speaking of evaporating stereotypes, the idea that smoking (or vaping) cannabis is “a guy thing” is also becoming a thing of the past.

Opposition to legalized cannabis is now exactly even between genders. The only (slight) difference is that less males than females are unsure about full legalization.

As the American people develop a clearer (and more favorable) picture of cannabis, cannabis companies are getting a much clearer picture of their target market – everyone. All ages, all political affiliations, male and female alike.

DISCLOSURE: IONIC Brands is a paid client of The Seed Investor.

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