Legalization Watch: France Among Several New Nations Advancing Legal Weed

Legalization Watch: France Among Several New Nations Advancing Legal Weed
Legalization Watch: France Among Several New Nations Advancing Legal Weed
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  • Several EU nations announce new rules to increase access to medicinal cannabis
  • Legalizing medicinal usage inevitably leads to legalizing recreational use
  • Globally, the movement to decriminalize/legalize cannabis continues to gather steam

France has become the latest major EU nation to take an important step toward cannabis legalization. A recent article from MJBizDaily reports on this.
A key government committee in France has set the stage for a two-year medical cannabis trial program that’s expected to kick off later this year, providing an opportunity for overseas companies to export product to the new market during its early stages.

Cannabis investors have seen this script many times previously. As soon as a new population gets real exposure to cannabis (after 100 years of anti-cannabis propaganda), the move to legalization becomes an unstoppable trend.

To know cannabis is to love cannabis.

People equate recreational drugs with serious health perils and other social issues. Whether considering illegal narcotics like heroin and cocaine or legal killers like alcohol and tobacco, these drugs exact a huge social and economic cost on our societies.

Then there is cannabis. Now established as a potent medicine (with an unparalleled safety profile), cannabis offers the fun and relaxation of recreational drug use without the perils and costs.

For this reason, the international movement to normalize cannabis continues to gather steam. In addition to France, several other nations have recently been in the news for progressive announcements regarding cannabis legalization.
  • Switzerland announced a new proposal to increase availability of “medical marijuana”
  • Ireland legalized cannabis for medicinal use and announced it is eligible for insurance coverage
  • Peru has legalized cultivation and use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, joining other South American nations: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay
  • Even Malaysia is moving to decriminalize “low-level possession of illicit drugs”

The cannabis legalization juggernaut continues to roll.
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