Attorney Breaks Down Canada’s Marijuana Retail Segment Into Convenient Table

Attorney Breaks Down Canada’s Marijuana Retail Segment Into Convenient Table
Attorney Breaks Down Canada’s Marijuana Retail Segment Into Convenient Table
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Last year Canada became the first major country ever fully legalize recreational use marijuana.
The historic move sparked a race to build the cultivation and distribution infrastructure to meet consumer demand.
The whole process has gone, at best, okay.
There are still huge supply issues and wait times for product.

The reason is because of government intervention in the market.
Canada didn’t exactly take a laissez faire approach to legal marijuana regulations and unleash the entrepreneurs of the nation on this historic opportunity.
Instead, Canada turned over the regulations of legalized marijuana to each province.
And just like the alcohol industry, each province has chosen its own path toward regulating the legal marijuana industry.
If you’re not a professional marijuana industry researcher, the differences in the regulatory framework in each province are nearly impossible to follow.
But a Trina Fraser, a cannabis industry-focused attorney at Brazeau Seller Law in Canada, has put together a table breaking down the regulations surrounding marijuana retail in each province.
Fraser posted the full size Canadian retail marijuana table to here Twitter account @trinafraser.
The table is a great quick reference guide for investors looking at the Canadian marijuana retail sector.
As the Seed Investor has stated many times before, the future of marijuana is in retail.
The retailers are the vital link between the producers and the end consumers and are often in position to direct customers to specific products.
It’s a lot like the grocery stores selling shelf space for cash and discounts to leading food producers and brands.
The key difference though is that marijuana retailers will have much, much higher margins.
If you want to look at Canadian marijuana retail stock – and you should, they’re the cheapest sector of the marijuana industry right now -- look at the company’s store locations and this chart to see how big the growth opportunity is the retailer is really looking at.
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