QuikFlo (TSXV:QF) Moves into the US Marketplace

QuikFlo Moves into the US Marijuana Space with Letter of Intent to Acquire Licensed Nevada Production Facility in Addition to a CBD Infused Product Company.

The acquisitions include a 12,000 sq. ft. licensed medical marijuana cultivation/production facility and packaging center with over $1 million in medicinal sales in its first year of operation.  The second acquisition is of a start-up company that develops and markets hemp based and CBD infused products for sales nationwide. 

Tetra Bio-Pharma Inc. Receives Notice of Authorization from Health Canada for the Conduct of its Clinical Trial with its PPTGR topical product $TBP.ca

Received a Notice of Authorization from the Therapeutic Products Directorate, Health Canada, for its planned clinical trial for PhytoPain Topical Gel Relief Being developed as a locally administered therapeutic for the treatment of Chemotherapy-Induced Neuropathic Pain OTTAWA, ONTARIO-(Feb. 1, 2017) - PhytoPain Pharma Inc. (“PPP”), a subsidiary of Tetra Bio-Pharma (“ Tetra ” or the “ Company “) (CSE:TBP), a pharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing therapeutic cannabis-based products for the treatment of pain and other medical conditions announces that it has received a Notice of Authorization from the Therapeutic Products Directorate, Health Canada, for its planned clinical trial for PhytoPain Topical ...

Canopy Growth's (CSE:CGC) Tweed Inc. (OTC:TWMJF) Makes $6.6m Purchase of Hershey Factory

Tweed Inc. (OTC:TWMJF) triples its production capability with purchase of an old Hershey factory in Ontario, Canada. The 42-acre site is now the largest indoor cannabis production facility in Canada, and likely the world.

The building and property were acquired for $6.6 million, $923,980 of which was issued in shares. As a part owner of the facility prior to the transaction, Linton received 70,800 of the 94,397 shares issued.

Who were Largest Marijuana Companies in 2016?

It’s not just thatPot Stocks are hot, but add Cannabis Biotech's to the fire and you get explosive wealth making opportunities… Of the 10 largest MJ Stocks (by market cap) nine are biotech/pharma firms and just one “touches the plant.”

Canabidiol - Turning High-Tech Into 'High' Tech: Behind Israel's Blooming Medical Cannabis Industry

dezembro 20, 2016 RM Consult comentários Turning High-Tech Into ‘High’ Tech: Behind Israel’s Blooming Medical Cannabis Industry Some of the recent studies coming out of Israel show that marijuana can heal bone fractures ; is able to relieve the pain associated with Parkinson’s disease; and that small quantities of cannabis can prevent brain damage , and even halt the spread of cancer .

Ask Dr. Mitch: Weeding Truth

Dr. Mitch Earleywine, the author of Understanding Marijuana and The Parents’ Guide to Marijuana, dishes on opiate addiction, seizures, cannabidivarin and booze.

Can we use marijuana to solve this country’s opiate-addiction epidemic? —Poppy

Hi Poppy, Many former opiate addicts have used the plant to help them stay off hard drugs. We don’t yet have data from randomized clinical trials where some folks get the plant and others don’t, but what’s an opiate addict got to lose in the meantime?

Israel, a Medical Marijuana Pioneer, Is Eager to Capitalize - The New York Times

The Volcani Center, the Ministry of Agriculture’s research organization, is building a national institute for medical marijuana research. The chief scientist’s office of the Ministry of Economy has infused millions of shekels into innovative marijuana companies, much as government investment helped fuel the Israeli tech boom in the 1990s. The government is also setting standards for the cultivation, storage and use of medical marijuana.

Society for Neuroscience: Medical Marijuana Research

The Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting was held last month in San Diego. More than 30,000 neuroscientists were in attendance. They featured talks and presentations from scientists across the research spectrum. This is the largest source of contemporary brain research in the world today.

McCreath: Should you be a pot stock skeptic? - Video - Bnn

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Is British Sugar's 18 Hectare Grow-Op for $GWPH, just 20th Century Pig Farming?

Do we really think that modern pharmaceutical ingredients will be grown in massive grow-ops, subject to mold, fungus and pesticides? Considering other modern Bio-pharm technologies exists why farm plants? Solving ingredient supply, will become increasingly more problematic for Cannabis Pharmaceuticals companies as they move from the research lab to the pharmacy.