Cannabis, CBD Oil, and Autism: What Do We Know So Far?

With medical marijuana becoming increasingly legal and accessible across the United States, more and more research is being done to learn its potential benefits when it comes to treatment for myriad illnesses and disorders.


Thinking Outside The Bong: 5 Ways Tech Is Changing Weed And Vice Versa

The weed game has come a long way from the days when consumption devices were largely limited to DIY apple pipes, and joints, such as those masterfully rolled by, well, your parents. But as a result of explosive growth taking place simultaneously in both the tech and cannabis industries, our consumption of the plant has become more sophisticated and precise, while tech has shifted its focus to technology-enhanced personal wellness.

The Domestic Cannabis Market Continues to Grow

New data published by Verify Markets shows that the wholesale legal cannabis market in the U.S was valued at $210.7 million in 2016. Increased legalization efforts at the 2016 election in November resulted in more states approving cannabis legislation in some form, i.e., medical or recreational. Recreational initiatives were approved in California , Massachusetts , Nevada , and Maine while medical marijuana was legalized in Arkansas , Florida , and North Dakota .

So You Want to Be a (Legal) Cannabis Entrepreneur?

It’s an exciting time to be in the burgeoning cannabis industry, where timing and positioning are key and the establishment of a brand can be essential for long-term survival and success.