(CIIX) Eyes Expansion in CBD Markets throughout North America

  • Sees opportunities in the fast-growing international medical marijuana market
  • Plans store opening in San Gabriel, California, with online hemp-based product store already in Shanghai, China, targeting the global Chinese-speaking community
  • Consilium Global Research projects that company revenues will reach $14.8 million by FY2020

Congress Debates Marijuana Banking Amendment

A U.S. House panel briefly debated — but did not vote on — an amendment to give marijuana businesses greater access to banks late on Thursday night. Under current federal prohibition laws, many financial services providers are reluctant to work with cannabis businesses for fear of being prosecuted for money laundering. As a result, many state-legal marijuana growers and sellers operate on a cash-only basis, which makes them targets for robberies.

Nevada adopts emergency rules to meet huge demand for weed

Nevada moved Thursday to reduce supply problems at recreational marijuana stores that have faced overwhelming demand for newly legal pot and the possibility of their shelves going empty.

Regulators approved emergency rules that would speed up licensing for pot distributors, a sticking point that launched a legal battle and threatened the flow of supplies after dozens of retailers started selling recreational marijuana on July 1.

The State of Europe’s Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry in Europe is entering an interesting time. In some respects it is similar to the U.S. state market circa 2010. In other ways, however, the market is already different. Political plus market forces are already creating different hybrids here. There is no EU-wide reform. For now, as a result, then, individual states are proceeding as they want to.

Judge Mulling Nevada Bid for Recreational Pot Sales July 1

Nevada’s marijuana regulators are working furiously to launch recreational sales on July 1, a fast-approaching deadline that could hinge on a court deciding whether the powerful liquor industry should be guaranteed a piece of the pot pie before tourists and residents can light up.

What You Need to Know About Legal Weed in California

The November 2016 passing of Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana act, brought legal recreational weed-use to California for the first time––making the Golden State one of only eight states to honor such a freedom. Here's what you need to know. (From Kindland)

Is New Zealand Next to Legalize Medical Cannabis?

New Zealand has taken the first step towards legalizing both medical and recreational cannabis.

Peter Dunne, Associate Health Minister and a consistent critic of cannabis, has announced a change in drug policy that could pave the way for legalization.