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Where else are you going to find an industry poised to grow 1900% in the next five years?

That’s the kind of growth that comes along every a decade or so.

It’s the kind of growth which has driven companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google when they were just starting out...and before they made early investors billions.

Cannabis is set to join them in the next few years.

The first stage of this run multiplied investors’ money many times over.

Just look what happened to cannabis stocks in 2016.

Take Axim Biotechnologies (AXIM), a developer of cannabis-derived pharmaceuticals for pain treatment.
Axim’s shares climbed from a low of 21 cents to a high of $10.00, delivering a potential gain of 4,796%.

Then there was Organigram (OGRMF). It’s a Canadian cannabis grower and delivery service. It’s shares soared 2182%.
There are dozens more just like those, but you get the point.

There is big money to be made in cannabis stocks. BIG.

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The current size of the U.S. cannabis market is only about $7 billion.

In 2016 California, Massachusetts, and three other states joined Colorado and Washington in legalization of recreational use of cannabis.

The potential industry size nearly tripled overnight to about $20 billion.

As more states legalize cannabis consumption and governments roll back and clarify laws and regulations, the cannabis industry will grow to more than $50 billion.

That’s staggering growth.

Enough to make more than a few fortunes. Easily.

However, legalized cannabis is just part of this story.

There’s a legitimate medicinal aspect of the cannabis boom too.

Early signs show it could be even bigger than the $50 billion opportunity in recreational cannabis use.

Consider this.

Cannabis has been used for centuries to treat all sorts of ailments.

Right now drug companies around the world are working away at isolating the active elements of cannabis and turning them into prescription drugs.

The first successful cannabis-derived drug was developed by GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH).

That one successful drug helped launch GW’s stock from less than $9 to more than $100 a share and turned this “marijuana stock” into a $3 billion biotech success story.

And GW was just the first.

As a Seed Investor reader, you’ll see that GW will not be the last massive winner in cannabis drug development.

In fact, we’re already working away on research to uncover the next big cannabis winner.

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