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Upstart Marijuana Company:
- At Forefront Of Marijuana’s Next Major Growth Opportunity
- Already Dominating Target Market
- Sweeping In To New Markets
- On 5813% Total Growth Trajectory
Attention Seed Investors:
This is urgent.
The next hot “Green Wave IPO” is set to take the markets by storm.
This company has everything going for it.
It’s a rapidly-rising company leading a major shake-up in the $20 BILLION+ legal marijuana industry.
It sits at heart of TWO of the most powerful consumer trends in the world.
It’s an early innovator with a PROVEN growth strategy.
It has already gone from a literally living room of its founders to dominate its market and now it’s entering a new market that’s seven times bigger.
It’s at just the start of a major growth surge as part of a 5,813% total growth.
Best of all, it’s about to join the ranks of “Green Wave IPOs” which are on a tear.
Just look at how the last few “Green Wave IPOs” have done:
  • Slang Worldwide - 64% in two days
  • Curaleaf - 58% in two days
  • Fire & Flower - 67% in a week
  • PLUS Products - 104% in ten days
  • DyoniMed - 120% in less than three weeks
  • Cresco Labs - 130% in less than three months
  • Transcanna which soared 237% in less than a month
The company you’re about to learn today is going to join the ranks of these high-flying stocks when it hits the public markets.
Here’s the details.

Green Wave IPO” Date Just Hit: April 2, 2019

IONIC Holdings (CSE: IONC) is the upstart marijuana company set to be the next big “Green Wave IPO.”
It has all the makings of a marijuana stock superstar too.
It sits in the unique and enviable position two of the most powerful growth trends in the world today -- marijuana and vaping.
It’s a perfect combination.
The marijuana industry is growing by leaps and bounds.
And the vaping segment of the marijuana industry is taking a rapidly growing share of the marijuana industry.
It’s perfect combination and the timing couldn’t be better.  
IONIC is set to become the next “Green Wave IPO” especially now that it has hit the public markets on April 2, 2019.
At that point the market got a glimpse of what your going to learn about today.
But you’re going to be way ahead of the curve.
You’ll be glad you did when you see how IONIC has built itself up over the past few years…and where it’s planning big moves.
Check this out.

Riding TWO Hyper-Growth Consumer Trends All The Way To The Top


IONIC is an ultra-successful marijuana company and poised to go to the next level.
It all starts with a unique opportunity in the marijuana industry few have connected the dots on.
But it’s the real key in all this.
IONIC is positioned at the heart of TWO of the fastest, most powerful consumer trends in the world today.
And judging by its early success, it could ride them all the way to the top.
It’s important to realize IONIC is both a consumer technology company and a marijuana company.
Combine these two and you’re looking at something truly special.
First, just being in marijuana is great.
By now have a good idea how big marijuana is now and how big its going to be.
Well, it may be even bigger than most realize right now.

Marijuana Industry Set To Double And Double And Then Double Again

ArcView Research is one of the most respected marijuana industry researchers in the world.
ArcView has tracked the legal marijuana industry from its start.
And it says the biggest growth is still yet to come.  
The growth trajectory for the industry is certainly point that way.
The legal marijuana industry accounted for $4.7 billion in total revenue in 2015.
In just the next three years it more than doubled to $11 billion in 2018.  
And its set to almost double again to more than $20 billion in the next two years.
The sky’s the limit from there.

As a result of this growth, any company in the marijuana industry has the potential to grow exponentially in the years ahead.
Frankly, this is the main reason why marijuana stocks have done so well.
But the overall marijuana growth is just part of opportunity you’re looking at with IONIC.
There’s also a technology angle to it.
And this part is just as critical – maybe even more so – than being in marijuana.

Thank You For Not Smoking:
The Future Of Legal Marijuana Top Investors Are Jumping On Now


IONIC’s core product is a suite of high-end vape pens and concentrate oils used to refill them.
And this is the most important part of IONIC’s position that investors are just starting to realize.
After all, the Seed Investor has long advised our readers the future of marijuana will look a lot different than many expect.
It will not be pothead hippies sitting smoking joints or bongs.
There may be some…there will be some.
But if marijuana is going to become a $50 billion or $100 billion industry, it won’t be driven by more users taking up smoking.
Because let’s face it, smoking is on its way out.
In America today there are now more former cigarette smokers than there are smokers.
Teenage smoking is at its lowest point in decades.
No one wants to smoke tobacco and fewer and fewer want to smoke marijuana either.
Marijuana consumers want clean, comfortable, smoke-free enjoyment.
“Vaping” is the natural alternative to provide all that.
You’ve surely seen “vapers” around.
Vaping is already huge.
More than 10 million Americans vape nicotine as a cigarette replacement.
Now vaping just starting to take off in marijuana.
And IONIC is the fast-growing company ideally positioned to potentially dominate the vaping market in the America’s largest legal marijuana markets.

Vaping Will Account For 1 In Every 4 Marijuana Dollars Spent

Marijuana vaping is just starting to take root in the marijuana industry.
But that’s changing and vaping is catching up.
And the rise of marijuana vaping is set to blow past the overall marijuana industry even though marijuana is going to double, and double, and double…
Vaping is growing that fast!
ArcView Research has the numbers too.
Back in 2015 marijuana vaping was in its infancy.
Vaping sales accounted for just $200 million, which was just 4.2%, of all legal marijuana sales in 2015.
It was tiny part of the industry. But the it was growing.
While marijuana sales doubled between 2015 and last year, the vape segment grew five-fold to $1.1 billion.
Despite its torrid growth, vaping only accounted for about 12.9% of the overall legal marijuana industry sales.
Now here’s where things get interesting.
ArcView projects record growth years indefinitely into the future for vaping.
Growth so fast and strong the rise of vaping will continue to outpace the hyper-growth of the overall marijuana industry.
By 2020 (which is just next year!) ArcView expects the vape segment to continue to climb to $3.9 billion.
That’s more than TRIPLE the size of the vape segment today.

Even then, vaping will still have plenty of room to grow as it will be just 21.9% of the marijuana industry.
Grow it will too.
ArcView predicts vape sales continuing to surge and hit a total of $5.2 billion.
Not bad for a segment that was just $200 million back in 2015.
At that point vaping will have 25% of the entire marijuana industry.
In other words, one in every four dollars spent on legal marijuana in the United States will be in vapes. 

Any way you look at it, vaping is going to be massive part of the legal marijuana industry in the future.
And vaping is still at the relative starting line in the marijuana industry.
It just crossed the $1 billion barrier last year.
So, vaping still has room to grow more than five times over in the next couple of years.
The New York Times recently quipped, “Nobody smokes marijuana anymore, they vape it.”
They’re absolutely right too…
Well, looking at the data, they will be right soon.
And investors who get in on marijuana vaping before then are going to reap the rewards.
IONIC and it’s “Green Wave IPO” are a great way to get in on marijuana vaping too.

The Birth Of A Nationwide Dominator
From #1 In Washington To #1 In USA

IONIC is a pure-play on the marijuana vaping and is years ahead of many competitors.  
IONIC is the definition of an early-mover in the rising vape segment.
It was literally started in a garage in the Seattle suburbs when the Washington became one of the first states to legalize marijuana.
Now it’s all paying off big.
IONIC has risen to be the #1 marijuana vape company in the state.
Its high-end vapes are flying off the shelves in marijuana stores throughout the state of Washington.
But Washington, even though it’s a large market by itself, is just the launching pad for IONIC.
Let’s break it down so you can really get in on this opportunity.
So far IONIC has taken an old-school entrepreneurial approach to the marijuana industry.
It was started and self-funded by two founders who still work there.
IONIC did it the right way.
It started small, built out and proved a sales growth and market domination strategy.
It built a real company with sales and professional management step by step along the way.
IONIC followed a similar path you’ve seen before by many technology and consumer product companies which have amassed huge success.
IONIC is looking at the major opportunity the way entrepreneur Dan Evins did years ago.
In 1969 Evins’ family gas station was getting crushed by havoc in the oil markets.
At the time, OPEC, which was initially formed in 1960, was just learning to apply its power in the oil industry.
OPEC was cutting supplies and governments around the world were reacting with price controls and other market interventions.
Gas station owners were getting crushed by it all.
Evins gas station in suburban Tennessee was in an especially bad spot.
Evins was too far outside of the main city for many customers to easily get to.
It didn’t make much burn through gallons of gas driving miles and miles just to get more gas.
Evins had an idea to get customers to his failing gas station though – build a restaurant in it.
The idea worked beyond his wildest expectations too.
Evins gas station generated more revenue any other in the state.
A few years late Evins last ditch rescue plan became so successful he shut down the gas station altogether.
The restaurant Evins started was Cracker Barrel.
Today it’s a chain with more than 600 locations across 44 states and is a staple of interstate highway system.
What’s this mean for IONIC?
Look at it this way.
Evins built Cracker Barrel by identifying an opportunity within a big market, proving up a successful model early, and then deploying it in new markets across the country.
That’s exactly what IONIC is doing in the marijuana business.
IONIC has spent the last four years gaining the knowledge, experience, tactics, and strategies to build a market-dominating vape and accessories platform.
Now IONIC has identified new markets which are ripe for takeover by a nimble innovator.
And IONIC is currently taking its proven strategy for growth, success and market domination to two new markets.
IONIC is going to take the capital it receives from its “Green Wave IPO” and ramp up its distribution to California, the largest legal marijuana market in the world
It’s also targeting Nevada, which just passed $1 billion in sales revenue in its first year of legalization.
Combined, these two new markets are seven times greater than Washington where IONIC dominates.
And they add massively to IONIC’s growth potential.

IONIC And The Path To 5813% Growth

Everything is coming together at the right time for U.S. legal marijuana, vaping, and IONIC.
The last few years of building a solid fundamental strategy and team are really starting to pay off for the company.
Just look at the growth trajectory of IONIC’s sales.
In 2016 IONIC posted $2.3 million in sales.
In 2017 it more than doubled to $4.7 million.
In 2018 it should nearly double again to $8.9 million.
And 2019 is when things truly take-off.
Here’s why.
As we mentioned above, IONIC expects to complete a $11 million (C$15 million) capital raise as part of the “IPO” process.
That capital is the rocket-fuel for a proven company like this.
The capital it’s going to expand product lines, territories, and its sales force.
The company is publicly projecting sales to explode.
IONIC is forecasting total sales growing to $46 million in 2019.
And then hitting $89 million in 2020.
Then more growth in $136 million in 2021.
Altogether, that would be 5813 growth from where it was back in 2016.

Superior Economics Of Full-Spectrum Vape Company

IONIC has a lead over its competition, the proven ability to win over a new market, and, most importantly, a strategy to get it all done.
But it’s not just marijuana vaping that IONIC has its sights set on.
Vaping is just the beachhead to a much bigger opportunity.
IONIC is not just taking its leading brand and vape products to new markets, it’s taking its entire full-spectrum business structure too.
That’s the real key in all this.
Although IONIC does vaping extraordinarily well, it’s not just a vape pen supplier.
It’s a supplier of the “concentrates” which are consumed in the pens too.
That’s where the real money is in the vaping industry and why IONIC’s early leadership position in vaping boom is so valuable right now.
In fact, it has already created a multi-billion-dollar business out of nothing in just a few short years.
I’m talking about JUUL, an electronic cigarette company in the nicotine vaping space.
JUUL products are sold everywhere around the United States.
You may have seen them in gas stations or other retail locations.
JUUL sells a nicotine vape pen for about $30 or $40.
But it doesn’t make a lot of money doing that.
JUUL makes the big money from “JUUL pods” filled with the concentrated liquid which are consumed by users.
These JUUL pods cost about $5 each and contain the same amount of nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.
So, if a JUUL user goes through three a week (less than a pack a day equivalent), JUUL is generating more money from ongoing sales in a month than they do the original pen.
It’s the classic “razor and blades” model which has created so many fortunes over the years.
This is exactly what IONIC does so successful in Washington and will be doing in California, Nevada, and beyond.

A Full-Spectrum Vape Company


IONIC’s success starts with its proprietary vape pens and includes a complete set of concentrated marijuana oil cartridges for the high-end legal marijuana vape consumer.
IONC has three main types of concentrate cartridges for tailored to meet the unique tastes and experiences its large base of customers have grown to expect.
The company has developed three different formulated marijuana concentrates called IONIC Black, IONIC White, and IONIC Pure.
Each one offers a unique experience for the user.
For example, IONIC Black is the original concentrate formulation. It uses an advanced CO2 extraction process which maximizes efficiency, lowers costs, and still provides consumers a high-end experience.
IONIC Pure is uses an ultra-slow CO2 extraction process to closely replicate the marijuana smoking experience in a vape system.
And IONIC White is tailored to the most discerning marijuana consumer. This premium concentrate formulation is created by using an intensive distillation process to create a “whole plant” experience for the customer.
Finally, IONIC has successfully created this full line-up of concentrate products without using any glycols, glycerins, or any other harmful additives – the importance of this to most legal marijuana consumers can’t be understated.
IONIC has used these products to target the core part of the rapidly growing marijuana consumer market.
The development of a complete line-up of concentrate products has proven to be an essential part of IONIC’s massive early success and give it a major leg up on its competition.
Given the lucrative nature of the “razor and blades” business model, these concentrate cartridges are a core part of the business for IONIC as well.

Ride The Vape Boom Today

IONIC is in prime position to be the marijuana stock superstar.
It has two major tailwinds at its back.
The U.S. legal marijuana industry continues to grow at a blistering pace.
The vape segment of the marijuana industry is growing even faster.
And IONIC has proven its ability to enter and dominate a market as it has already done in the state of Washington.
Now IONIC branching out into new, larger markets with much more growth potential.

Since it hit the public markets, it has already announced:  If it achieves in California and Nevada what it has already done in Washington, the company is going to be huge.
Its forecasting a sales explosion this year from less than $10 million last year to more than $46 million this year and still has room to double and triple its revenues after that.
Also, IONIC has received a major capital infusion to accelerate its plans to be a leading legal marijuana full-spectrum vape company.
Finally, IONIC just hit the public markets and joined the slew of fast-moving “Green Wave IPO” stocks which have just soared:
  • Slang Worldwide - 64% in two days
  • Curaleaf - 58% in two days
  • Fire & Flower - 67% in a week
  • PLUS Products - 104% in ten days
  • DyoniMed - 120% in less than three weeks
  • Cresco Labs - 130% in less than three months
  • Transcanna which soared 237% in less than a month
If you’re looking for a great marijuana stock, IONIC has everything going for it in the short and long term.
Keep an eye out for it to hit the public markets in March 2019.
High profits,
The Seed Investor
Notes and Sources: 

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“Nobody smokes marijuana anymore, they vape it.” – New York Times
“Classic marijuana sales are tumbling as a new way of getting high [Vaping] takes over.” - Business Insider
“If you like legal marijuana, you’ll love vaping.” – The Seed Investor
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Sales Growth Percentage:
$136 million 2021 - $2.3 million in 2015 = 5813%
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