#1 Marijuana Stock For 2017 And Beyond

The next leg of the marijuana boom starts now.

It’s going to be the greatest of all. 

It’s sparking a run in marijuana stocks that’s going to make the first run seem small by comparision.
Best of all, it’s all just getting started.
The Seed Investor readers are getting first access to the one stock perfectly positioned to capitalize on it all too.
It’s cheapest, fastest-growing, and most technologically advanced, 100% legal marijuana company in the world right now.
And the Seed Investor is willing to call it the #1 Marijuana Stocks For 2017 And Beyond…
As a bonus, you’ll also see why a small group of leading marijuana investors paid 161% more for shares than you would have to in order to get in on it right now.
This is something truly special and you’ll get a complete review of this stock in a moment.
First though, we’ve got to start at the beginning so you can understand how a confluence of events has come together to create this opportunity.

The Ground Floor Of A $50 BILLION Industry

The marijuana boom boils down to simple numbers.
Take a look at Colorado.
It was an early adopter in the legal marijuana industry.
The citizens of Colorado voted to approve recreational use in November of 2012.
The state set up a legal and regulatory framework for the industry.
And last year the legal marijuana industry passed $1.3 billion in annual sales.
That’s zero to $1.3 billion in four short years.
The hottest tech companies in the world struggle to grow that fast.
Now, here’s the key to all this.
Colorado has a population of just 5.5 million people.
That’s just 1.7% of the total U.S. population.
In other words, the total U.S. population is more than 57 times bigger than Colorado.

So if 1/57th of the population surged to a $1 billion+ industry in just a few years…it’s not hard to figure out where the overall industry is headed.
$50 billion…
$75 billion…
Even $100 billion is all within reach for a national legal marijuana market.
That’s all why the biggest gains in marijuana stocks is yet to come.
The numbers don’t lie.
It’s simple math.
But get this, the U.S. isn’t even the best opportunity in marijuana right now.
The Only Place To 100% Legally Invest In Marijuana...is CANADA!?

In the next twelve months Canada’s marijuana industry is going to blow the doors off any of the massive growth in the U.S. marijuana market.
You see, Canada is leading the way in truly and fully legalizing marijuana.
And investors who get in before a major growth catalyst are set to make exponential gains too.
Here’s why.
The northern neighbor to the U.S. is already well down the road towards fully legalizing marijuana and the potential profits are sure to be massive.
Canada is legalizing marijuana in two stages.
The first stage was limiting legal marijuana to “medical use only.”
A marijuana user had to have a proven medical condition, then get a prescription, and then go to a government-approved marijuana retailer to fill their prescription.
It’s not like buying a soda at a corner market.
It was all highly regulated.
Still though, despite the regulations and limited market potential, Canada’s marijuana stocks soared into the billions of dollars.
Early investors made fortunes too.
Canopy Growth (TWMJF / WEED.cn) ran upto 711% from its IPO.
Aphria Inc (APHQF / APH.cn) is another one. It ran upto 938% since it hit the public markets.
Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF / ACB.cn) climbed 887% after its IPO.
SupremePharma (SPRWF / SL.cn) had soared 1364% from its IPO.

Huge gains were made.
However, this was just the first step in Canada’s two-step process.
The second step is where things get really exciting and the time to get in is right now.

Marijuana Boom’s Next (And Greatest) Leg Up Starts NOW 

The Canadian marijuana industry is on the verge unlocking one of the greatest growth industries the world has ever seen.
Yes, early growth in states where marijuana has been legalized has been staggering.

Colorado went from zero to $1.3 billion in sales - just look at the sales tax!


Washington state had similar growth after it legalized recreational use marijuana.
Oregon did too.
However, Canada has opened up an opportunity for growth far bigger than all those put together.
Remember, Canada has a population of 35 million.
If it was a state, it would be the second largest state by population.
Well ahead of Texas, Florida and New York.
Simply put, Canada is a big potential market for marijuana and the government has announced its plans to fully legalize recreational marijuana by July 1, 2018.
That means the time to move into Canadian marijuana sector is right now.
And one small company has the growth, capability, and financing to multiply this once-in-a-lifetime legalization opportunity into exponential gains.

Revealed: #1 Marijuana Stock For 2017 And Beyond


ABcann Global  (OTC: ABCCF)(TSX.v ABCN) is positioned to be the biggest winner in the next leg of the marijuana boom. 

It’s in Canada.
It was one of the first companies to attain an official marijuana production license from Canada.
Its growth is staggering.
ABcann’s has already hit 30% per month – not a year, monthly -- sales growth.
When Canada fully opens up the legal marijuana floodgates in July 2018 sales are set to explode…
2000% sales growth is within reach next year!

Abcann is ramping up production.
It has more than $43 million in its war chest to expand its just broken ground on their second marijuana growth facility of 100,000 square feet.
The expansion project has already started  and the first harvest is expected before the end of 2018.
It is taking its head start in the marijuana industry and achieving amazing results.
ABcann’s team of agriculture experts are producing at a rate of 250g of marijuana per square foot…more than double the industry average.
It’s one of the cheapest marijuana stocks on the market.
With a share price of just 68 cents and market cap of about $100 million, it’s trading at a fraction of the cost of most other Canadian marijuana stocks on a per-square-foot of production basis.
ABcann has everything going for it.
Investors wanting to get in on marijuana’s next leg up have to look at ABcann.
They won’t be alone in seeing significant value in ABcann though.
Bonus: Why the Savviest Marijuana Investors Paid 161% Above Market Prices to Get In Early On ABcann?
If you want to get an idea of how undervalued ABcann is, just look at a recent financing deal ABcann made.
Cannabis Wheaton, one of Canada’s leading marijuana financing companies which is led by top marijuana investors, agreed to invest $30 million into ABcann.

And they just gave $15 million in cash  into ABcann at a price of $2.25 per share, as their first installment.
$15 Million in Cash in a $30 Million deal!
That’s 161% more than investors can buy it today.
Why would the top marijuana investors pay such a premium for ABcann?

Here’s why:

5 Catalysts Making ABcann Global (OTC: ABCCF)(TSX.v ABCN) The #1 Marijuana Stock For 2017 And Beyond

1. ABcann’s path to growth is protected by the Government!

Since 2013, more than 1,600 companies have applied to Health Canada to become a licensed producer ("LP") of medical marijuana.

Only 5 companies won coveted LP status in 2013, just another 14 made the cut in 2014.

ABcann got their license in 2014.
Getting an official license is like winning the lottery for marijuana companies in Canada.

And you remember already saw how other "LP's" they rose 711%887%, and 938%, and as much as 1364%.

ABcann has its license too and has now joined that exclusive group – and they only went public 4 months ago.

However, ABcann was one of the first companies to  get the license and has been parlayed its “head start” into something none of these companies have achieved.

2.  ABcann is a marijuana technology powerhouse— It's about Production per square foot.

Here’s where ABcann stands out among Canada’s licensed marijuana producers—technology.

Yes, it’s a low-cost producer like Aphria.

Yes, it’s a high-quality producer like Tweed (Canopy).

But its competence is unique!

ABcann can grow every one of its 14 MMJ strains to exact specifications for precise THC and cannabidiol (CBD) balances.

Every plant, every time.

And it can scale up to infinity. ABcann can replicate its proprietary growing system for any MJ strain anywhere.?

3. Barriers to entry are too high for mass competition—

Canada’s not like the “Wild West” system in some US states like Colorado where almost anyone can get in the business somehow.  

Canada’s marijuana growers enjoy the next best thing to no competition – license are granted exclusively by the Government!
It’s that hard to break in.

Since 2013, Health Canada (think Canada's FDA) has approved less than 2% of applications to grow marijuana commercially.

4. Ramping up production 2017

ABcann has laid out a plan to rapidly expand production.

Now, ABcann is no start-up marijuana company. It already has a 14,500 square foot growth facility in Ontario, Canada.

This is where it already achieved its industry-leading production 250 grams of marketable marijuana per square foot (more than double the average among Canadian marijuana producers).

The reason it’s went public was to raise another C$23 million to get started on the next major expansion project.

This project is expected to add an additional 100,000 square feet to ABcann’s total marijuana footprint.

After completed, the massive expansion combined with ABcann’s market-leading production methods will put it on par with Canadian marijuana producers valued at five times more than ABcann will be during its IPO.  

This is the most perfect wash, rinse, repeat model in the marijuana industry

5. ABcann’s ultimate goal is global dominance.

Aside from its technological achievements and massive

It wants to be the first INTERNATIONAL company to have advanced, high-quality marijuana products available on multiple continents.

From its home just across the U.S. border in Ontario, ABcann plans to expand in Canada to Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

It is in final stages of competition for a license in Hawaii…

It’s already supplying research-grade marijuana to an Israeli pharmaceutical company…

And it’s working on prospects in Australia and Germany.

 #1 Marijuana Stock For 2017 And Beyond

The marijuana industry is poised for massive growth in the years ahead. Early successes in Colorado have proved fortunes will be made.
Canada, as a pioneer in marijuana legalization, is the best opportunity today in marijuana. It’s set to fully legalize marijuana in less than a year and when it does it will unleash the world’s largest legal marijuana industry.
ABcann Global (OTC: ABCCF)(TSX.v ABCN) is an early leader in Canada’s marijuana industry.
It’s made massive step forwards in production efficiency.
It’s aggressively expanding its world-class marijuana production facilities by 1000%.
At its current valuation it’s a fraction of the price of other Canadian marijuana stocks.
ABcann, valued at right around $100 million, is right where other marijuana companies were BEFORE they made their big runs.
It’s where Canopy Growth (TWMJF / WEED.cn) when ran 711%, Aphria Inc (APHQF / APH.cn) climbed 938%  and Aurora Cannabis (ACBFF / ACB.cn) soared 887%.

Based on those numbers, it’s no wonder the world’s top marijuana finance company just paid $2.25 a share to buy into ABcann’s growth while shares are now just 68 cents.
Consider ABcann Global (OTC: ABCCF)(TSX.v ABCN) before makes it’s big run.
Here's a clsoer look at the technology behind ABcann's (OTC: ABCCF , TSX-V: ABCN)
advanced medical marijuana facilities and the science behind the research. 














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