Cannabis Upstart Gearing Up For Major Breakout In 2019

Aggressive Strategy Leads Rising U.S. Legal Cannabis Superstar On 5813% Growth Path​

 IONIC Brands (CAN: IONC / US: IONKF) is setting itself up to become a major force in the U.S. legal cannabis industry. 

This upstart cannabis industry has spent years building the foundation of an ultra-successful cannabis company. 

Now it’s taking this work and using it as a springboard into one of the fastest growth periods in its history. 

And its aggressive strategy has put it on the same path of the top U.S. cannabis companies (many of which are worth billions of dollars). 

The main difference between them and IONIC is that IONIC is just starting to ramp up and still valued at a fraction of those major cannabis companies. 

Everything is in place for IONIC to make some major waves throughout the legal cannabis in the next few months. 

And the time to look closely at IONIC is right now. 

The Birth Of A Multi-State Cannabis Powerhouse

IONIC has worked itself into an ideal position within the U.S. cannabis sector. 

It’s a rapidly rising company leading a major shake-up in the $20 BILLION+ legal cannabis industry.
Its high-end product mix is targeted in the fastest growing parts of the legal cannabis industry. 

It’s an early innovator with a PROVEN growth strategy.
It has already gone from a literally living room of its founders to dominate its target market…
IONIC has the potential to is one of the great cannabis growth stories of them all. 

Given how many 1,000%+ and even 10,000% cannabis stock success stories, that’s really saying something. 

As you’ll see today, that’s within reach. 

And in time IONIC could be joining the ranks of the leading U.S. multi-state cannabis companies like…

Cresco Labs (CAN:CL / US:CRLBF) which has a market value of $5 BILLION

And Acreage Holdings (CAN:ACRG.U) which recently hit a total market value of $4 BILLION

And Curaleaf (CAN:CURA / US:CURLF) which is near $4 BILLION too. 

IONIC, meanwhile, is valued at right around $70 million, but its on its way with a target of total growth of more than 5,813%.

The kind of growth that will propel a small, yet established cannabis company like IONIC into the top tier of U.S. cannabis companies. 

Here’s how IONIC is going from upstart cannabis company to major multi-state cannabis company. 

A True “Ground Floor” Cannabis Opportunity

IONIC is an ultra-successful cannabis company and poised to go to the next level.

But success in the cannabis industry is no different than success in other industries. 

It all starts with a strong foundation. 

IONIC’s foundation is as strong and ideally suited to the future of the cannabis industry. 

IONIC’s core product is a suite of high-end vape pens and concentrate oils used to refill them.
And this is the most important part of IONIC’s position that investors are just starting to realize.
After all, the Seed Investor has long advised our readers the future of cannabis will look a lot different than many expect.
It will not be pothead hippies sitting smoking joints or bongs.
There may be some…there will be some.
But if cannabis is going to become a $50 billion or $100 billion industry, it won’t be driven by more users taking up smoking.
Because let’s face it, smoking is on its way out.
In America today there are now more former cigarette smokers than there are smokers.
Teenage smoking is at its lowest point in decades.
No one wants to smoke tobacco and fewer and fewer want to smoke cannabis either.
Cannabis consumers want clean, comfortable, smoke-free enjoyment.
“Vaping” is the natural alternative to provide all that.
You’ve surely seen “vapers” around.
Vaping is already huge.
More than 10 million Americans vape nicotine as a cigarette replacement.
Now vaping just starting to take off in cannabis.
And IONIC is the fast-growing company ideally positioned to potentially dominate the vaping market in the America’s largest legal cannabis markets.

Vaping Will Account For 1 In Every 4 Cannabis Dollars Spent

Cannabis vaping is just starting to take root in the cannabis industry.
But that’s changing and vaping is catching up.
And the rise of cannabis vaping is set to blow past the overall cannabis industry even though cannabis is going to double, and double, and double…
Vaping is growing that fast!
ArcView Research has the numbers too.
Back in 2015 cannabis vaping was in its infancy.
Vaping sales accounted for just $200 million, which was just 4.2%, of all legal cannabis sales in 2015.
It was tiny part of the industry. But the it was growing.
While cannabis sales doubled between 2015 and last year, the vape segment grew five-fold to $1.1 billion.
Despite its torrid growth, vaping only accounted for about 12.9% of the overall legal cannabis industry sales.
Now here’s where things get interesting.
ArcView projects record growth years indefinitely into the future for vaping.
Growth so fast and strong the rise of vaping will continue to outpace the hyper-growth of the overall cannabis industry.
By 2020 (which is just next year!) ArcView expects the vape segment to continue to climb to $3.9 billion.
That’s more than TRIPLE the size of the vape segment today.
Even then, vaping will still have plenty of room to grow as it will be just 21.9% of the cannabis industry.
Grow it will too.
ArcView predicts vape sales continuing to surge and hit a total of $5.2 billion.
Not bad for a segment that was just $200 million back in 2015.
At that point vaping will have 25% of the entire cannabis industry.
In other words, one in every four dollars spent on legal cannabis in the United States will be in vapes. 
Any way you look at it, vaping is going to be massive part of the legal cannabis industry in the future.
And vaping is still at the relative starting line in the cannabis industry.
It just crossed the $1 billion barrier last year.
So, vaping still has room to grow more than five times over in the next couple of years.
The New York Times recently quipped, “Nobody smokes cannabis anymore, they vape it.”
They’re absolutely right too…
Well, looking at the data, they will be right soon.
And investors who get in on cannabis vaping before then are going to reap the rewards.
But IONIC has quickly grown into more than a leading cannabis vape company.
It’s now leveraging its long experience and market dominating success into becoming a major multi-state U.S. cannabis company. 

Tipping Point In 2019

IONIC Brands (CAN: IONC / US:IONKF) is an upstart cannabis company already making waves throughout the legal cannabis industry.
And it has all the makings of a future cannabis stock superstar.

IONIC is targeting a major breakout in 2019. 

The company has grown steadily over the last few years in the relatively limited market of Washington. 

But sales are taking off.

In 2016 IONIC posted $2.3 million in sales.
In 2017 it more than doubled to $4.7 million.
In 2018 it should nearly double again to $8.9 million.

It’s targeted growth to $46 million in 2019.
And then hitting $89 million in 2020.
Then more growth in $136 million in 2021.

Altogether, that’s 5813% growth in just over five years. 

The cannabis industry is going through some major changes right now and IONIC Brands sits at the heart of these changes. 

In the next few moments you will learn all about sweeping industry changes and how IONIC Brands has positioned itself to capitalize on it all. 

And you’re at the start of a historic turning point for the legal cannabis industry that’s going to launch another round of fortune-making opportunities bigger than anything the industry has ever seen before.

Lead Or Get Out Of The Way:
Disruption Ahead For Cannabis Industry

IONIC Brands has branched out from vaping into some other fast-growing cannabis segments and jurisdictions. 

IONIC has targeted multiple states for its rapid expansion including the multi-billion-dollar cannabis markets in California and Nevada. 

IONIC has burst in to the massive California legal cannabis market a few weeks ago when it entered into a deal with Continuum, which is part of the major California cannabis distributor Origin House (CA: OH / US: ORHOF (CannaRoyalty).

Origin House’s distribution network covers over 500 retail dispensaries in California. 

IONIC is also set to take over the lucrative Nevada market with its acquisition of Vegas Valley Growers. 

Vegas Valley Growers is an established company in the Nevada cannabis industry and owner and distributor of its Vegas M Stick, a high-end cannabis vape pen.
The M Stick is a big seller too. IONIC expects the Vegas Valley Growers acquisition to add $6.6 million in top-line revenue this year alone, and it has a 75% market penetration, opening up a massive distribution market.

IONIC also jumped into cannabis-infused edibles with the acquisition of Zoots Premium Cannabis Infused Edibles.

The Zoots acquisition adds to both IONIC’s product lineup and its geographic footprint. 

Cannabis-infused edibles are one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. As the industry matures, expect edibles to account for a quarter of all. And edibles have some of the highest profit margins of any cannabis product on the market. 

Geographically, Zoots is a brand in a lot of states. Zoots products are sold in dispensaries in Illinois, Washington, Colorado and Massachusetts.

IONIC has also staked out part of the massive opportunity in cannabis-infused beverages too. It acquired patents to make cannabis-infused coffee k-cups. 

It also announced it will be acquiring Kavry, a cannabis extraction company in California. This acquisition greatly expands IONIC’s capacity to extract the active concentrates from cannabis flower that are used in so many of the fastest-growing products in the industry. 

Altogether, IONIC has made numerous major acquisitions to expand its footprint geographically into new states with legalized cannabis markets and add products to its line-up. 

The timing for IONIC’s major moves couldn’t be more critical. 

Investing With The Wind At Your Back: 
Cannabis Set To Double And Double And Double Again

The legal cannabis industry is still young, but its maturing fast. 

ArcView Research is one of the most respected cannabis industry researchers in the world.
ArcView has tracked the legal cannabis industry from its start.
And it says the biggest growth is still yet to come.  
The growth trajectory for the industry is certainly point that way.
The legal cannabis industry accounted for $4.7 billion in total revenue in 2015.
In just the next three years it more than doubled to $11 billion in 2018.  
And its set to almost double again to more than $20 billion in the next two years.
The sky’s the limit from there.
As a result of this growth, any company in the cannabis industry has the potential to grow exponentially in the years ahead.
Frankly, this is the main reason why cannabis stocks have done so well.
But the overall cannabis growth is just part of opportunity you’re looking at with IONIC Brands.

If you’re looking for a great cannabis stock opportunity, IONIC Brands (CAN:IONC / US:IONKF) has all the makings of one of the vest.
High profits,

The Seed Investor
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