New Hemp Company Surging Higher Since RTO

New Hemp Company Surging Higher Since RTO
New Hemp Company Surging Higher Since RTO

U.S.-based CanaFarma Hemp Products (CAN:CNFA / GER:WKN A2P0WJ) is on a roll.

The Company went public in Canada via RTO on March 19, 2020. Its debut on the Canadian Securities Exchange was delayed slightly due to recent market turbulence. Since that time, CanaFarma has been powering higher.

CanaFarma closed at CAD$0.50 on its opening day of trading.

The general rise in market volatility and investor uncertainty took CNFA’s share price down to a low of CAD$0.13 on March 24th. Investors who saw that as a buying opportunity have done very well for themselves since then.

Less than six weeks later, CanaFarma is trading above CAD$0.80, trading as high as CAD$0.84 on Monday. That’s more than a 50% gain since it commenced trading and over 500% above its March 24th low.

Why CanaFarma?

A recent Seed Investor article tackled that question. We pointed out that CanaFarma’s management have targeted a “market sweet-spot” in the U.S. hemp industry.

While companies seeking to market pure (hemp-derived) CBD products have run into regulatory headwinds courtesy of the FDA, CanaFarma’s “full spectrum” hemp oil-derived products have not been subject to the same clamp-down.

CFNA’s organic hemp products (marketed under the brand name “YOOFORIC™”) have already achieved strong sales growth via CanaFarma's Direct-to-Consumer marketing.

Fueling the rise has been internal news. This includes a LOI to acquire a manufacturing facility for its hemp-oil based consumer products as well as naming a new COO.

However, experienced traders may be looking closely at the Company’s new German listing on the Deutsche Borse Exchange. Commencing trading on March 25th, that precisely matches CanaFarma’s recent 500+% jump.
CanaFarma Trading Higher as Germany Catches a Bid

CanaFarma Hemp Products is trading higher on the German Borse catching up with Canada +57% which is one of the reasons companies initiate dual listings. In addition to offering a bunch of new potential shareholders in Canada and Germany, the market makers are kept honest by the global arbitrage that happens as a result.

Well positioned in the U.S. hemp space. Strategically positioned on both a Canadian and German stock exchange.

Investors can decide for themselves why CanaFarma is riding high today. Sales of YOOFORIC™ products have already reached nearly $3.5 million by January 2020 since being launched in June 2019.

While much of the U.S. hemp industry is struggling, CanaFarma is a bright light for cannabis investors.

[Editor's note: The article originally incorrectly stated that CanaFarma's products were already being sold by major retailers. In fact, all revenues currently come from Direct-to-Consumer marketing.]

DISCLOSURE: CanaFarma Hemp Products is a client of The Seed Investor.

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