High hopes among businesses awaiting recreational pot law

TORONTO -- It's Sunday afternoon and Toronto's Centre for Social Innovation is packed full of marijuana enthusiasts perusing tables of goods. Everything from marijuana-infused barbecue sauce to medicated body rubs is available at Green Market, where artisans peddle their various craft cannabis products. Such events, which sell to patients and casual users alike, operate within a foggy regulatory environment.

FDA approves large-scale clinical trials of ecstasy to treat patients with PTSD

US scientists will treat 230 patients with the rave drug ecstasy aka MDMA MDMA is classed Class A (Schedule 1 in the US) alongside heroin and LSD It is known for giving clubbers a psychotic feeling of happiness But researchers claim it could help ease symptoms of autism or PTSD The FDA has approved large-scale clinical trials of ecstasy to treat patients with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Bureaucratic Incompetents And The Marijuana Boom: Who Will Win?

This post Bureaucratic Incompetents And The Marijuana Boom: Who Will Win? appeared first on Daily Reckoning . On Election Day, states from sea to shining sea legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use, getting high or getting better. Now, despite pot still being federally illegal, it has become legal in 28 states.

Canabidiol - Turning High-Tech Into 'High' Tech: Behind Israel's Blooming Medical Cannabis Industry

dezembro 20, 2016 RM Consult comentários Turning High-Tech Into ‘High’ Tech: Behind Israel’s Blooming Medical Cannabis Industry Some of the recent studies coming out of Israel show that marijuana can heal bone fractures ; is able to relieve the pain associated with Parkinson’s disease; and that small quantities of cannabis can prevent brain damage , and even halt the spread of cancer .

Someone Needs To Take a Stand Against This Marijuana Industry Bully

On Election Day, residents of California made their vote to become the world’s biggest legal marijuana market, along with seven more states who also voted yes on recreational or medical pot. Originally, President-elect Donald Trump’s shocking victory didn’t seem to pose an immediate threat to the legal pot industry; Trump isn’t popular in the cannabis world, but he’s not seen as a committed prohibitionist either.

Governor of Maine Wants To ‘Do Away’ With Medical Marijuana

Avid Donald Trump supporter, Governor Paul LePage, tried to convince Maine voters that legalizing recreational marijuana would be a “deadly” disaster for the state, to no avail. The Governor of Maine is now trying to do away with medicinal cannabis.

On Election Day voters barely approved question 1, which legalizes two and a half ounces of cannabis and six mature plants for adults 21 and over. Since the margin of victory was so close, the opponents requested a recount.

Ask Dr. Mitch: Weeding Truth

Dr. Mitch Earleywine, the author of Understanding Marijuana and The Parents’ Guide to Marijuana, dishes on opiate addiction, seizures, cannabidivarin and booze.

Can we use marijuana to solve this country’s opiate-addiction epidemic? —Poppy

Hi Poppy, Many former opiate addicts have used the plant to help them stay off hard drugs. We don’t yet have data from randomized clinical trials where some folks get the plant and others don’t, but what’s an opiate addict got to lose in the meantime?

Cannabis is one of five essential plants in the Vedas: Dr Uma Dhanabalan - The Economic Times

Her visiting card has an imprint of the familiar five-bladed leaf of the cannabis plant on both sides, leaving no room for doubt about the cause she espouses. Dr Uma Dhanabalan is trained in family medicine, with a Masters in public health from Harvard University, but over the past four years, she has been on a mission to educate people about the therapeutic benefits of cannabis (marijuana).In her home state Massachusetts, she does medical marijuana authorisations and is involved in efforts to reform US government policy on marijuana. Stopping over in Bengaluru after attending an ayurveda conference in Kolkata ...

The Number of Marijuana Jobs Could Triple in the Years to Come $MRPHF $MDM $BLO $BLOZF

Look around and you’ll struggle to find an industry that’s more blazing hot than marijuana. Back in 1995, not a single state had a law on its books legalizing medical cannabis or recreational pot. Today, following the November elections in which residents in eight out of nine states voted in favor of their state’s marijuana initiative or amendment, there are 28 states with legal medical cannabis laws and eight recreational weed states.

Israel, a Medical Marijuana Pioneer, Is Eager to Capitalize - The New York Times

The Volcani Center, the Ministry of Agriculture’s research organization, is building a national institute for medical marijuana research. The chief scientist’s office of the Ministry of Economy has infused millions of shekels into innovative marijuana companies, much as government investment helped fuel the Israeli tech boom in the 1990s. The government is also setting standards for the cultivation, storage and use of medical marijuana.

CBD is Illegal: 5 Facts About CBD And Its Therapeutic Health Effects

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is generating a lot of buzz in the medical marijuana movement. The benefits of the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, or the other half of THC, have been shown to treat several ailments, from neurological disorders to cancer. Evidently, CBD has medical value, but what is it exactly and how does it work? The "miracle compound" is one of more than 80 active cannabinoid compounds in the marijuana plant.

The "miracle compound" is one of more than 80 active cannabinoid compounds in the marijuana plant. CBD produces its effect by interacting with specific receptors on cells in the brain and body: The CB1 receptor, found on neurons and glial cells in various parts of the brain; and the CB2 receptor, found mainly in the body’s immune system. It does not bind to the CB1 and CB2 nerve receptors in the brain, meaning it won’t get us high. CBD levels can vary between plants. For example, marijuana plants grown for recreational use tend to be high in THC, and vary in amounts of CBD. Industrial hemp plants are very low in THC, while medical marijuana plants are high in CBD.

Several scientific studies have explored the potential therapeutic effects of CBD on our health.







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Marijuana Industry a Homegrown Source of Job Growth

Marijuana Industry a Homegrown Source of Job Growth The marijuana job market could double or triple in years to come. By Sean Williams On 12/17/16 at 2:00 PM Look around, and you'll struggle to find an industry hotter than marijuana. Back in 1995, not a single state had a law on its books legalizing medical cannabis or recreational pot.

The DEA Just Banned CBD And Here's Why

The legality of CBD is no longer in the gray area. In fact, the DEA just banned CBD, cementing its place on the list of Schedule 1 substances. CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound or cannabinoid in cannabis that won’t get you high. What it does do though is stop seizures and aid others suffering from debilitating conditions.