Is it 2016 All Over Again?

Is it 2016 All Over Again?
Is it 2016 All Over Again?

There’s a secret about marijuana stocks you won’t hear anywhere else but the Seed Investor.

This secret is something few marijuana investors will ever realize.
It goes totally against the common wisdom.
Yet it’s paid out time and time again for marijuana stocks.
And now is the time to use it to get positioned for the next big run in marijuana stocks.
If you hear me out, you’re going to have the chance to make three, five, or as much as ten times your money in short order.
Yes, it’s that good.
Let me take you back to the beginning on June 6th.
Marijuana stocks were months into a steady downtrend.
The excitement from the elections of 2016 had passed.
Canada’s announcement of full marijuana legalization was three months in the rearview and the legalization taking place was still nearly a year away in July 2018.
Marijuana stocks were in a veritable “dead zone” with no major news to stop the slide...let alone drive them higher.
However, there was one tiny even few noticed and even fewer were in position to profite handsomely from.
Back in late June Terra Tech (TRTC) was moving right with the rest of the marijuana sector -- down.
The stock was trading for 55 cents a share in November 2016 when the U.S. elections sent marijuana stocks soaring.
Eight months after the election then TerraTech shares were down 71% to just 16 cents.
Here’s the thing though.
TerraTech is a licensed marijuana producer in Nevada.
And when Nevada legalization went into full effect on July 1, 2017, TerraTech was in perfect position.
In less than two weeks TerraTech shares nearly doubled.
It was the a rare bright spot in a dark run for marijuana stocks.
Here’s what you need to understand though.
Nevada is a tiny state by population. There are only 2.9 million full-time residents. Potential markets for marijuana don’t get much smaller than that.
However, Terra Tech added more than $100 million in market cap in that two week period after legalization.
Even a small stake could have meant thousands of dollars in your pocket if you bought before legalization went into effect.
Now, think of what will happen in much larger jurisdictions like California (population 39 million), Florida (21 million), and Canada (35 million) when marijuana is legalized.
Based on the TerraTech example, there are literally billions in profits to be had by investors who move in before legalization.
And that’s why right now the current marijuana “dead zone” is coming to a close and it’s is a tremendous opportunity for investors.
Terra Tech’s run proves what happens what legalization can do to marijuana stocks.
Some of the biggest legalization days are coming up soon.
But they’re not for tiny markets like Nevada. They’re for much bigger opportunities.
Right now the Seed Investor is preparing a complete research report so you positioned for just this type of opportunity and get you in before the legalization date.
Keep an eye out for it our next report - Sign up Now and you won't miss it!
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