At the risk of understating it, the start of 2018 hasn’t been kind to marijuana stocks. They’ve been slammed across the board, but something is happening that’s already paying off big (as much as 169% in five days).
Marijuana Stocks Have A Major Problem...Here’s What To Do About It Right Now
Dear Seed Investor,

Marijuana stocks have a major problem…

And it’s presenting an ideal opportunity…one that’s already paying off big (as much as 169% in five days*).

Check this out.

At the risk of understating it, the start of 2018 hasn’t been kind to marijuana stocks. They’ve  been slammed across the board. Even the best marijuana stocks are down 30% or 40% so far in 2018.

Meanwhile, for a number of reasons you’ll see below, 2018 is set to be the biggest year yet for marijuana stocks ever.

It’s the perfect combination you’ll rarely ever see in any investment opportunity and it usually pays off big if you move in when everyone else is running for the exits.

Right now is that time for marijuana stocks.

Turn Market Insanity Into Insane Gains

We’re calling the start of 2018 the “Marijuana Meltdown.”

The overall market volatility hit marijuana stocks especially hard.

The greed which drove marijuana stocks up massively in 2016 and 2017 turned to fear in no time at all.

To the average onlooker marijuana stocks have a problem.

And they do have a problem.

However, it’s a stupid problem only Wall Street could be affected by.

The problem is marijuana stocks are kind of a “dead zone” at the moment.

Marijuana stocks had a big run in 2017 and the next major catalysts to propel them higher is months away.

That’s right...months.

In the real world, months seem to fly by.

On Wall Street, months might as well be decades.

Understanding that difference is the key to making it big in marijuana in 2018 though.

While the financial world is bailing out on marijuana stocks, your best chance in years to pick up marijuana stocks is actually right now.

Do you remember how the marijuana stock boom got started?

It began in early 2016.

The marijuana sector started moving up a bit in anticipation of the 2016 elections.

At the time marijuana entrepreneurs successfully put ballot initiatives in a handful of states and Canada announced it expected to fully legalize marijuana in 2018.

That November most of those states passed some form of marijuana legalization and the marijuana bull market kicked into high gear.

Those investors who moved in early and were willing to wait a few months were sitting on massive gains by the time Wall Street cared again.

Right now the same thing is happening all over again. There’s elections ahead. The ballot process is underway in more than a dozen states to legalize marijuana usage. In Canada the Prime Minister recently announced to expect nationwide full legalization in “summer 2018.”

In a sane world marijuana stocks would be soaring right now.

The markets are anything but sane though and that’s our opportunity.

Here’s a quick look at the future of marijuana.

“Marijuana Meltdown” Pays Off 169% In FIVE Days*.

One of The Seed Investor’s top marijuana picks was InMed Pharmaceuticals (IMLFF).

Like every other marijuana stocks, the top-performing marijuana biotech company was caught in the Marijuana Meltdown.

After rising rising more than 10-fold in 2017, shares dropped back to a low of 54 U.S. cents* a few weeks ago at the end of February.

The sell-off didn’t last long though.

After hitting a low on February 28th of 53 cents, shares jumped to a high of $1.46* just a week later.

That’s a total gain of 169% in just five days*.

Yes, a huge gain for a few days time. But more importantly, it’s an example of what will happen as the marijuana downturn fades and we get closer to those key catalysts later this year.

We’re just a few months away now. In no time we’ll be a few weeks. Then a few days.

You’ll want to be in well before then if you want to turn the current marijuana meltdown into massive 2016-style gains.

Best regards,

The Seed Investor


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