You're about to discover something quite extraordinary! A completely off-radar biotechnology company, InMed Pharmaceuticals (IMLFF), is set to revolutionize the medical side of legalized marijuana. The profit opportunity here is simply staggering.
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This tiny biotech unlocked a treasure chest of medical marijuana secrets!

  Is InMed Pharmaceuticals (OTCQB:IMLFF) The Next Big Thing In Cannabis Investment?


How Did this Cannabis Biotech put $6.6 Billion into play without ever touching the plant?

New Alert: InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC: IMLFF)

Last Close: $.2927

InMed Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IMLFF) is our new Medical Marijuana alert with major growth potential.

This Cannabis Biotech is currently trading under 50 cents and could have a strong advantage in this sector with their revolutionary therapies. 

Bloomberg Quote: The market cap of the Bloomberg Cannabis index was $58 billion on April 18, up from $30.1 billion a year ago.... many stocks in the index have been standouts. Among the best: a Canadian....stock. InMed Pharmaceuticals.

InMed, a Canadian Company is dually-listed on the OTCQB (IMLFF) and CSE Exchange (IN.V). As you know Canada may be the safest market in the world to hold marijuana related stocks, with the Canadian government positivley regulating the industry. 

IMLFF is a drug discovery and development company uniquely focused on the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids.

But unlike most others who research only the most easily isolated cannabinoids of THC, IMLFF has developed a process and tool to enable research of the disease-fighting effects of all 90+ Cannabinoids that exist!

The biotech sector is well known for delivering triple-digit, quadruple-digit and even quintuple-digit stock winners.  

It’s not uncommon for a biotech company to go from relative unknown status to $ Billions in market value literally overnight. 

It’s the nature of the game for the biopharma industry and it holds true for our next hot pick, InMed Pharmaceuticals IMLFF

The majority of biotech companies start off as primarily research, with no revenue and very little entry into the development phases…

and that’s what sets InMed Pharmaceuticals apart. 

1. Proven expertise,
2. Proprietary cutting-edge bioinformatics paltform 
3. TWO drugs already heading towards clinical trials, addressing a $6.6 Billion nmarket that could quickly position InMed as a major player.
4. A Biosynthesis technology that will produce any of the 90+ cannabinoids at a fraction of the cost of farming and extraction methods now used
5. Top management bios read like a who’s who of bio-pharmaceutical industry.

InMed’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ado Muhammed, MD, DPM, MFPM was instrumental in leading GW Pharmaceuticals to its position as the largest stock on the Marijuana Index.

In fact, IMLFF is the only Cannabis biotech company with a former GW Pharmaceuticals Executive on board. Dr. Ado Muhammed is now the Chief Medical Officer of IMLFF and was previously the Associate Medical Director at GW Pharmaceuticals, a pharma company that saw shares rise from less than $9 in 2013 to more than $129 today and has a market value of more than $2.9B today!

On top of this, IMLFF has attracted major board members from Pharmaceutical and Biotech Powerhouses such as Eli Lilly (a giant $73B pharma company) and Takeda Pharmaceuticals (a giant $36B pharma company). 

InMed's senior management have deep pharmaceutical experience like Abbot Labs and QLT - a true test of how serious this company is.

InMed has developed a sophisticated “bioinformatics tool” that can identify potential therapies using 90+ of the minor Cannabinoids for a myriad of specific diseases. (Just to give you an idea of how big that is, GW Pharma has only identified 15, and they are trading at a $2.8B market cap.)

From this Bioinformatics tool, IMLFF already has two therapies in the pipeline that address a potential market of over $6B per year! These two products are INM-750, for the treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa (potential $1B market), and INM-085, for the treatment of Glaucoma ($5.5B global market).

Inmed was able to make that happen on shoestring - UNDER $5 MILLION BUCKS – FOR BOTH DRUGS!?!

(INM-705) for the treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa – an orphan pediatric disease with no current approved therapies and a potential market of $1 BILLION+
(INM-085) for the treatment of Glaucoma, a $5 BILLION DOLLAR POTENTIAL MARKET.


InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF drugs are developed using non-psychoactive cannabinoids - non THC!. 



InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF has developed a robust, high-yield biosynthesis process for the manufacture of naturally occurring cannabinoids. This process combines the safety of the natural drug structures with the convenience, control and quality of a laboratory-based manufacturing process. The same process Eli Lilly uses to manufacture insulin for millkions of Diabetes patients.

Benefits of Biosynthesis:
Significant cost savings vs. existing growing / extraction / purification methods
2. Easier path for scale-up and systems optimization
3. Enhanced production, purification and quality control
4. Access to 90+ minor cannabinoids that are currently economically unfeasible to develop into drugs.

So how do you value IMLFF’s Bioinformatics Process?  It’s not on the balance sheet, its intrinsic, but worth a whole hell of a lot to investors.

InMed Pharmaceutical's (IMLFF)  is a walking take-over target by big drug companies, for sure.  Why?  Because it costs a fortune to identify cannabinoid drug applications that can actually be developed – that’s why.


Rare diseases like Epidermolysis Bullosa affect a samll portion of the U.S. population, and sio they get little to no attention from pharmaceutical giants.  Congress sought to fix this by introducing the Orphan Drug Act.  Pharmaceuticals that receive approved orphan drug status get fast tracked through FDA approval and receive financial incentives, including 7 years of market exclusivity and tax benefits.

What does that mean for investors?  Once InMed gets rolling, it’ll move fast and it could be ripe for a major takeover.

Consider Scioderm.  Their sole clinical asset is ZorblisaTM, a Ph3 product in development for Epidermolysis Bullosa, the same disease studied by InMed.

Scioderm was acquired by Amicus in Sept ‘15 for US $847M, the acquisition was based on results from just a 42 patients in a Ph2b study! 

JP Morgan and Cowen research reports estimate peak sales for ZorblisaTM in EB of $900M - $1.2B

InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF is <<<<WAY UNDERVALUED>>>>  The stock is trading at $0.29 CENTS!!!  THERE SHOULD BE A $1 IN FRONT OF THAT…. ($1.29).  The possibility of InMed Pharmaceutical trading up into the $0.60  and $070 range could be possible!!

So far this year, InMed Pharmaceutical IMLFF has completed TWO PRIVATE PLACEMENTS and comnpleted  $1.3M from  warrants exercising, all without the help of any investment banking firm. 



InMed Pharmaceuticals to Present at the 2017 BIO CEO & Investor Conference Thu, 09 Feb 2017 19:20:00 GMT
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InMed Pharmaceuticals Appoints Martin Bott to Board of Directors Fri, 13 Jan 2017 21:36:00 GMT
[PR Newswire] - OTCQB: IMLFF), today announced that Martin Bott, VP of Corporate Finance and Investment Banking at Eli Lilly & Company, has been appointed to InMed Board of Directors effective immediately. Mr. Bott brings over 28 years of senior financial and executive leadership to InMed's Board of Directors. "Martin Bott has established a significant leadership position in financial and business expertise with one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

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