ABcann Global (OTC: ABCCF) (TSX.V: ABCN) has been added to the worlds first Marijuana ETF. We look at the factors that make ABcann a top pick for the Horizons ETF.
World's First Pot Stock ETF buys into ABCCF.
Horizons ETF, the world's first Marijuana ETF that offers direct exposure to North American-listed stocks just added this one Canadian medical marijuana company.

Only stocks that meet minimum asset and liquidity thresholds are included in the Index and ABcann Global (OTC: ABCCF) (TSX.V: ABCN) is one of these stocks. 
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Is this Canada's strongest marijuana producer? 

Dear Seed Investor,

The worlds first ever Marijuana ETF was just announced, and a stock familiar to Seed Investor readers was recently added to the fund.

Obviously this addition shows that the Horizons ETF is ready to invest in ABcann, but what are the factors that led to this decision?

Why did Horizons ETF invest in ABcann Global(OTC: ABCCF) (TSX.V: ABCN)? 

The answer is simple: 

1. Valuation

The PI Index gives ABcann a buy rating with a speculative price estimate of $2.25!  This valuation is based on ABcanns ability to produce high yield medical marijuana with consistency.

Today ABcann trades for less than US$0.73 a share!

That means that ABcann is undervalued based on the Anayst's target pricce, making it the perfect time for Horizons to invest in ABcann and for other investors to consider the stock now.

Horizons ETF is betting on ABcann to be a huge winner.

2. Financing

ABcann Global just had its IPO on May 4th, with over 15 million shares traded before 11AM! It raised $23 million dollars. 

ABcann Global just signed another MAJOR DEAL with Cannabis Wheaton ($CBW) to receive $30 Million in financing,
and they just got finalised $15M of it at a $2.25 Valuation! 

That's right one of the biggest fnanciers in Canada paid over 2x more that you  can buy it for US$0.73

ABcann Global (TSXV:ABCN / OTCBB:ABCCF) status is a “rising star” in the Canadian marijuana industry
and the Cannabis Wheaton deal fundamentally revalues ABcann 147% HIGHER than it trades at today...

3. Growth Potential

ABcann is already in a strong position, but the real opportunity is in their expansion and growth. 

It already has a 14,500 square foot facility that is estimated to double its production this year, with another 71,000 sq. ft. facility planned for more growth on the way! 

ABcann has 100% ownership in over 65 acres ready for development for a estimated 1.2M sq.ft. of growing produciton.

Follow this link for all the details on this deal and how to play it for maximum gain.

Clearly ABcann Global  (TSXV:ABCN / OTCBB:ABCCF) is positioned to be a big win. 

It's one of Canada's strongest growers with a consistent product and the ability to scale. 

It just signed a major deal to encourage new growth and production. 

It has a strong well capitalized financial base wtih access to $38M to grow with
and it is at a valuation which is a fraction of it’s competitors

and today its trading for less than $0.73 a share.

Consider buying ABCann Global (TSXV:ABCN / OTCBB:ABCCF) today.

High profits,

The Seed Investor

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