Investor Donates $9M to Harvard, MIT for Researching Cannabis

A successful New York-based entrepreneur, who made a small fortune investing in Canada's booming legal marijuana industry, is making what is believed to be the largest private donation to date in support of independent scientific research on cannabis.

TSA Check: 'We're Cool' And We're Not Looking For Your Weed

Travelers navigating through airports in states where marijuana has been legalized are picking up mixed messages, thanks to a hodgepodge of conflicting federal and state laws and enforcement policies that differ from airport to airport.

Watch: Can You Spot a Stoner? On CollegeHumor's 'Paranoia,' You Can Try.

“Are you good at weed?” It might not make perfect grammatical sense, but it's a fun and interesting question raised by the creators of CollegeHumor's upcoming reality game show “Paranoia.” The online show pits two incredibly high contestants against a larger group of sober citizens, who are then tasked to find out which two of the bunch are, in fact, very stoned.