Will Early Recreational Marijuana Sales Be A Reality for Nevada?

Nevada’s idea of using its medical marijuana market to temporarily aid to the need of the recreational sector is set to launch sometime within the next month. Taken from a report from the Las Vegas Sun, there are more than 140 applicants vying to become the first to sell weed in a manner similar to beer.

High Times Sold to Industry Investor Group

High Times magazine, America’s pioneering cannabis publication, has been sold to a consortium of cannabis industry investors led by the Los Angeles-based investment fund Oreva Capital. The new owners include Damian Marley and Denver Relief's Ean Seeb.


CURE Pharma Harnesses Cannabinoids to Fight Cancer

In early studies, researchers have found that cannabinoids and terpenes could have strong anti-tumor effects at certain doses, which makes them a compelling target for a U.S. market that’s expected to reach $23 billion by 2020, according to ArcView Research.

Cannabis Stocks Grow 236.1% in 2016!!

New Frontier Data and Viridian Capital Advisors have released a new report that shows marijuana stocks are going up! 

The report looks at the growth in cannabis investing over the past two years, including how the investment community has responded to the 2016 general elections. Cannabis stocks have seen significant growth in recent years, with the Viridian Cannabis Stock Index growing 236.1% in 2016 alone.